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The Turing Phone Dark Wyvern Edition's Front and Back

The Turing Phone’s ship date and its Dark Wyvern edition are announced

Late this past week, Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) stated December 18, 2015 as the ship date for its Turing Phone, a cipher phone made of...
Touring Phone

Turing Phone will be the world’s first liquid metal-frame smartphone

Turing Robotic Industries announced yesterday that their new Turing Phone, the world’s first liquid metal-frame smartphone, will be available for pre-order beginning July 31,...
The Turing Phone

New phone from Turing is extra-secure and stronger than steel

According to Engadget, San Francisco and Shenzhen, China-based Turing Robotic Industries' upcoming Turing Phone is a device that emphasizes security and durability. Starting with the...