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Oukitel U19 is an entry-level iPhone X copycat (Promoted)

Oukitel's latest iPhone X clone, the U19 will go on sale by the end of the month. Until then, you can pick up the previous U18 model with a discount. The promo expires on May 22.

OUKITEL holds a brand sale as a thank you to its customers (Promoted)

OUKITEL released the WP5000 this week, and by all accounts out of the China-based OEM, it's selling well. As a thank you to its supporters, OUKITEL is holding a Brand Sale at AliExpress. The sale spans 12 different smartphones from $69.74-$280, entry-levels to flagships. Hit the jump to read more.

OUKITEL shows off the Apple-esque U18 in new unboxing video (Promoted)

As we've come to expect from the Chinese manufacturer, OUKITEL recently announced another new phone - what it calls the first iPhone X clone...

Oukitel U18 emerges as Android-powered iPhone X clone on the cheap (Promoted)

Following quickly on the heels of its K10 announcement earlier this month, Oukitel is back again with another phone. This time we're looking at...