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Top Android smartphones that come with a gradient colored back

The gradient is a rising smartphone trend in 2018. Here are some of the top options available for those who are craving a more atypical looking phone.

TomTop is currently offering the UMIDIGI Z2 with 40% off (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 launched this summer and now the phone is currently available with a 40% discount with online retailer TomTop.

For a limited time, you can get the UMIDIGI Z2 for just $199 (Promoted)

To help celebrate the AliExpress Brans Shopping Week, you can pick up the UMIDIGI Z2 Special Edition for just $199.99, a savings of $50.

Meet the Umidigi Z2 Special Edition with new color and upgraded camera (Promoted)

Umidigi unveiled its Special Edition Z2 today, complete with upgraded camera and color design - but at what cost? We take a look.

UMIDIGI Z2 gets a shooting tutorial video (Promoted)

UMIDIGI wants perspective customers to know the Z2 can take excellent pictures. With this in mind, the company has posted a shooting tutorial video.

The Umidigi Z2 finally hits global sale, pre-order discount still in effect! (Promoted)

The world-wide pre-order for the Umidigi Z2 is over. Units are shipping now, so order yours today to get a $50 discount from Umidigi!

UMIDIGI introduces new “Luxury Ceramic Edition” of the Z2 Pro (Promoted)

A new version of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro has been introduced. Dubbed the 'Luxury Ceramic Edition', this Z2 Pro sports a new camera system and more.

The UMIDIGI Z2 lineup sports one of the best color options (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 sports a fantastic Twilight color option, and the company offers some explanation for the inspiration of this decision.

Why you might want to get the UMIDIGI Z2 instead of the Huawei P20...

Why buy the Huawei P20 when you can get the UMIDIGI Z2 for only $250. The Z2 also has a modern notch and features a beautiful Twilight gradient back.

UMIDIGI Z2 now on pre-sale for $249.99 until June 18 (Promoted)

UMIDIGI's latest Z2 flagship is now up for grabs for only $249.99. After June 18, customers will be able to purchase it for a heftier $299.99.

What you should know before picking up the UMIDIGI Z2 (Promoted)

As we near the launch of the UMIDIGI Z2, we take a look at a few reasons why you should consider it as your next handset.

Umidigi Z2 vs Huawei P20: how do they compare? (Promoted)

The recently-announced Umidigi Z2 looks poised to make a splash - but how does it compare to the Huawei P20? Read on to find out.

Here’s your chance to win the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro for free! (Promoted)

We are just a few days away from the launch of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro and Q1. The company is holding a limited-time giveaway for the devices.

The UMIDIGI Z2 is finally nearing its official launch (Promoted)

The UMIDIGI Z2 was announced earlier this year and is finally nearing its official launch. The handset will launch on June 11th and for a limited time, you can enter to win one for yourself!

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro teardown reveals the phone’s tidy internal structure (Promoted)

The secrets of the upcoming UMIDIGI Z2 Pro flagship get reveal in new teardown video. The phone is expected to go on sale soon.