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What is a YouTube Signature Device and what phones are certified?

If YouTube Signature Device is a new term for you then you're not alone. Check out what it's all about and what devices are supported.

LG V30 at six months: The flagship stumbles with its display but shines elsewhere

LG's latest and greatest - the V30 - has a number of problems, including the durability of its body and the quality of its display, but also shines in a number of areas; read more about our time with the LG V30.

LG bit off more than it could chew

LG started off 2017 alright with the fine G6 in the Spring. Sure, the Galaxy S series continued to best it in terms of...

LG V30 US release dates finally announced

We figured that LG would have wanted to improve on the V20's large announcement to release gap last year, but unfortunately the V30 has found itself in the same...

LG G7 could arrive as soon as January 2018

LG’s next-gen G7 flagship might arrive sooner than we expect. The Korean tech giant introduced the G6 during the MWC 2017 convention this February,...

LG’s real flagship for 2017 might be the LG V30

In 2016, LG experimented quite a lot. It launched the LG V20 which comes with a secondary display for notifications and unveiled the LG...