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Facebook Portal review

The Portal by Facebook is a unique device with a specific purpose that it does very well.

Google announces Meet video calling will soon be available to all users

Google Meet will soon be available to anyone with a Google account.

You can finally use Google Duo on the web

Google continues its Hangouts replacement strategy. The video calling app Duo is now available for all on the web for your live chat needs.

Video and voice calling could be coming to the Instagram app

Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store, which many use to share photos across the social network to...

WhatsApp announces video calling for its customers

WhatsApp announced a new video calling feature today for more than a billion users. It will roll out "in the coming days" to iPhone,...

Knock knock! Who’s there? Google Duo!

Coming later this summer, Google just announced a new video calling app at I/O 2016 called Duo. The concept is simple. When you open the...

T-Mobile adds video calling functionality

T-Mobile has been shaking the industry like crazy the past couple of years. I mean, they're the reason that Verizon has gotten rid of...