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Hoops: a challenging yet fun, free-to-play, puzzle game (App review)

We'll take a look at Hoops, an indie, puzzle game developed by Pedro Gilabert for this review. As of the time of this post,...

Aquapolis: a city simulator with great art direction plagued by a paywall (App Review)

Candy Grill's Aquapolis is a city builder simulator in a market saturated with games like it, such as SimCity BuildIt. However, it attempts to separate...

Minecraft Pocket Edition scores a major update

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been updated to version 0.11, which adds features such as boats, fishing, and purchasable character skins, all of which are...
Til Morning's Light

Amazon Game Studios launches Til Morning’s Light

On May 21st, Amazon Game Studios and WayForward Technologies released their latest game: Til Morning's Light. WayForward is known for series such as Shantae and...