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Keep your browsing history private; Yodata VPN lifetime subscriptions are just $17.99

With 2,500+ servers around the globe, Yodata VPN guarantees superior browsing at blazing speeds with industry-leading encryption.

What to look for when choosing a VPN for Android

If you own an Android tablet or smartphone, chances are that you have considered using a VPN. You are not alone. According to Global...

Google Play Store: The main source of malware

Android is the world's most popular operating system. More than 3 billion devices and growing are currently operating Android in some form. There's a...

This bundle will make you safer in 2021 and includes VPN, cloud storage, password...

Enjoy a safe online experience with this premium bundle of VPN, cloud storage, password manager, planner, and ad blocker.

Top-rated IPVanish VPN secures all your devices, just $29

Highly-rated and powerful, IPVanish is everything you need to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove trackers from your browsing.
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A lifetime of VPN Unlimited has never been cheaper

Well-trusted VPN Unlimtied offers a lifetime of secure connections, total online privacy, strong protection of personal data, and open access to content.

Safeguard your data connection and passwords with the Essential Nord bundle

Don't fall victim to internet hackers because of unsecure data connections or poor password management. Sign up for NordVPN and NordPass today!

Three interesting strategies to protect your phone’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Whether you’re going on a trip or just trying to get out of the house, there’s one thing that follows you around everywhere: Wi-Fi....

Are VPNs able to protect your Android device from cyberattacks?

When you see movies or television shows about hackers, they are often shown as being these super geniuses. Entertainment portrays hackers as being able...

LightyearVPN: Private, secure browsing for up to five devices, only $49.99

LightyearVPN defeats content restrictions and censorship to deliver unlimited access to instant video, gaming, social media, and more, globally.

Here’s your chance to save more than 60% on a SurfShark VPN subscription

With 500+ torrent-friendly servers and unlimited data, Surfshark lets you sidestep geo-restrictions to enjoy your content at blazing speeds anywhere.

AG DEALS: Cloud storage and VPN deals you can’t beat

Whether it's your own PC or a company-owned device, you need to be smart. These are some of the best prices on cloud backup, storage, and VPN services.

Labor Day Weekend Savings: Take an extra 15% off online training, VPN services, and...

For a limited time we are taking an extra 15% off the already-great prices for online training, VPN services, and more. Learn how!

Do you really need a VPN for your mobile phone?

You need a VPN for all your online devices. That would include your Android or iOS mobile smartphone. The best VPN for your cellphone...

Goose VPN: Two years of web browsing peace of mind, just $19.99

During a time in which cybercrime runs rampant across the web, Goose VPN is a highly-rated and surefire way to protect your data online.