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WhatsApp soon to join other messaging platforms with concept of usernames

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service worldwide doesn’t support usernames yet. All other messaging services give users opportunity to make use of usernames. However,...

Samsung Galaxy devices could soon auto-play GIFs on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of world’s most popular cross-platform messaging tool is about to new features in 2023. The app is quite known for releasing features...

WhatsApp to allow users to lock individual chats with fingerprint

An exciting WhatsApp feature is about to reach users soon, according to SamMobile. The app is known for bringing out new features...

How to send View Once photos or videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has added a way to send self-destructing photos and videos. Here's what you need to know about View Once, including how to use it.
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New Instagram privacy and security features coming

Instagram is introducing a Safety Check dashboard and Encrypted Messaging features to increase privacy and security on the app.

How to create a QR code with a short message for WhatsApp Business accounts

If you're looking to create a QR Code for your WhatsApp Business account, this guide will tell you how to make one and help your reach your customers!

How to create and share WhatsApp QR code for groups

WhatsApp's new feature allows you to create and share a WhatsApp QR code for groups, making it easier to add people to your private groups on the app.

How to share and scan WhatsApp QR Codes with others

WhatsApp QR Code is a new feature that makes the process of sharing and adding other WhatsApp users simpler and faster! No more number exchange needed!

How to set up a Facebook Messenger Room from WhatsApp

If you're looking to setup a messenger room as swiftly as possible, WhatsApp is the best way to do it and easily the fastest!
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How to record Whatsapp audio calls on your Android phone

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps out there that also supports making free audio and video calls to anyone in the...
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Whatsapp limits forwarding messages to fight spread of fake news

Whatsapp announced this Tuesday that in an attempt to fight the rapid spread of fake and misinformation through its messages, especially regarding the current...

How to improve call quality on your Android phone

Experiencing sub-par call quality on your Android phone? Then you'll be pleased to know there are ways to improve your experience.

WhatsApp introduces new features for Groups

WhatsApp introduces new features for its groups, including descriptions, participant search and protection, and new admin tools.

How to disable auto-download media on WhatsApp

Chances are if you have a smartphone, you use WhatsApp. The social messaging app is one of the most used on the planet, but...

Google Allo desktop version is coming in the few weeks

Ever since Google launched the Allo messaging app last year, users have been requesting a desktop/web version. The company teased the desktop chat client earlier...