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Hurry! Score the waterproof Xcentz Bluetooth neckband headset for just $11 with this code

Are you in the market for a pair of wireless headphones but don't have much of a budget to work with? We're...

Xcentz xWingMan 3 review

The Xcentz xWingman 3 is portable power bank with 15,000mAh worth of mobile juice that can charge up to three devices at once. And it's affordable, too.

Xcentz 45W PD Power Adapter review

The Xcentz 45W USB Type CPD Power Adapter is fast, stylish, and affordable. It's a great option for consumers with modern portable devices.

Xcentz Smart Wireless Camera review

The Xcentz Smart Wireless Camera is a $50 affair that provides a 360-degree HD view of environments, 8X digital zoom, night vision, and more.

Cool gear under $50 (November 2019)

Here's a collection of products that impress us, all of which are priced under $50. While these aren't purely tech or gadgets, we think they're awesome

Xcentz 36W PD Wall Charger review

The Xcentz 36W PD Wall Charger is a solution in a time when many are transitioning to USB Type C. It's fast, flexible, and priced to sell.