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Google improves performance of Meet and Zoom on Chromebooks

Google improves video calls on both Meet and Zoom

Update brings Zoom to the Nest Hub Max

Google makes good on its promise to bring Zoom calls to the Nest Hub Max.

Zoom lifts 40-minute time limit for free users during Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving Zoom is lifting its 40-minute time limit for free users. Making it possible for us to spend time with our family and loved ones for the holiday no matter where they might be.

Google announces Meet video calling will soon be available to all users

Google Meet will soon be available to anyone with a Google account.

Note 8’s ‘x2’ zoom toggle doesn’t always use the telephoto sensor

Like many who received their new and shiny Note 8 this past Friday, I've been profoundly enjoying playing around with this fabulously engineered device over...

The Asus ZenFone Zoom, with 3x optical zoom, is finally launching

Better late than never? That's exactly the case with Asus's ZenFone variant that packs 3x optical zoom - the ZenFone Zoom. If you don't...

ASUS ZenPhone Zoom announced at CES 2015

To complete the ASUS saga today, we have the ZenPhone Zoom. The optical zoom was announced at three days ago on YouTube. There isn't much about...