Every time we get home and flip on the lights, or every time we get in the car and turn on our headlights, we forget how much this necessity impacts our lives. Something so simple is something that is essential to our lives. It keeps the night away, protects us from monsters under our beds, and lights up the road when we need it. The beauty of light is missed on us, and that’s why I’ve gathered 170 HD and QHD wallpapers to show just how beautiful light and light bulbs can be if you take the time to look.

In order to reduce the strain on our servers due to the popularity of wallpapers, we’ve moved the majority of our HD and QHD images to Google Drive for sharing. Click this link to access the public folder of lights and light bulb wallpapers for your smartphones, tablets and computers. All images are at a minimum 1080p quality, with many at 1440p or better.

If you have a theme of wallpapers you would like to see next, email me or message me on twitter and I’ll gladly do what I can to find the wallpapers you want to see next.

Click here to access the 170 HD wallpapers of beautiful lights collection.

Here are a few of my favorite wallpapers:



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