We love to play around with our Android phones, adjusting the wallpapers, widgets, themes, and icons. To us, at least, the level of customization and control we have over our phones is one of the best reasons to own an Android.

If you’ve got a custom launcher on your phone, and you should, we’ve got some icon packs you’ll want to check out. What follows are some of our favorites for the month of December. While they may not be brand new to the Play Store, this might be the first time you’ve seen them.

Our aim with these sort of posts is to give you new ingredients for you to explore and play with. There are myriad ways of configuring your phone and coming up with new layouts; we hope you enjoy the discovery of new apps.

Moonrise Icon Pack (FREE)


With more than 800 icons and growing, this pack employs a color scheme that is meant to portray the mix between moon and night. In other words, they have a distinct grey gradient look to them that pops with just the right amounts of color. Additionally, Moonrise comes with dozens of wallpapers and its own cloud-based wallpaper picker. This one supports some 24 custom launchers so it should play nice with anything you’ve got.

Cornie Icons ($1.49)


One of the more well-rounded icon bundles we’ve seen in some time, Cornie gives you 2,000+ handcrafted vector designs. The attention to detail is incredible but the icons still manage to stay within Google’s Material Design principles. The entire pack offers up an excellent mix of colors that fit just about any wallpaper you’ve got. Should you need some inspiration there, Cornie comes with access to more than 100 wallpapers via the cloud. Also plays nice with Muzei Live Wallpaper and Zooper Widget, both big notches on the belt.

Frosty Icon Pack Theme ($1.69)


How about an icon pack that’s home to more than 3,700 icons and growing? Moreover, they’re designed at 192×192 pixels to they’ve got an incredible amount of detail to them. What you’ll find here is a theme that features circular icons with a semi-transparent frosted border. These look right at home on pretty much any background you’ll put in place as the colors and frosted trim really stand out. The Frosty stuff is just slightly different enough from the basic, original icons to be instantly recognizable yet they feel brand new, too.



Another massive bundle of icons and wallpapers, this one offers up 3,650 designs made with love and attention. The color palette might be a little darker than the others, but it’s consistent across the entire collection. The dynamic calendar support means your icons will change with the day; the Muzei integration allows for automatic configuration and adjustment from the 40+ wallpapers. It’s hard to get more for your money than what you’ll get out of ANTIMO.

Pixie – Icon Pack $.99


Although it’s one of the smaller packs on this list, Pixie is no less deserving of your attention. With roughly 1,300 icons to choose from, there’s an excellent chance that your apps and games are represented. At 220×200 pixels each, these look amazing at any resolution or magnification. Heck, they’re essentially future-proofed for QHD and 4K displays. Toss in cloud wallpapers, dynamic calendars, and support for Muzei and you’ve got a great value in Pixie. Did we mention that there’s also alternative icons for many of the designs?

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