One of the best things about Android is the notification system. It’s elegant in its simplicity. It stays out of your way until you want to deal with the notification, and it’s easy to dismiss the unimportant ones and move on with your task. But, what happens when you accidentally get rid of that notification without reading it? Is it gone forever? Today we’re going to help you get it back in a few simple steps.

This feature was first introduced in Jelly Bean so if your phone is running software newer than that, you should be able to follow along. We have seen some OEM Skins (namely LG’s UX 4.0) strip out this functionality. 

  1. The first step is heading to a home screen with enough space for a 1×1 widget. This is the same size as a regular app icon so this can fit on any screen that isn’t completely taken up by widgets and icons.
  2. Next, press and hold on an empty space to bring up the options. Here you can change your wallpaper, create a widget or enter settings. Select the “Widgets” option in the center.
  3. Event Log 2 editedScroll all the way down until you reach a widget called “Settings”. Press and hold that your home screen comes back up and you can release it where you want it to be placed. The placement of this widget doesn’t matter in regards to functionality, you can put it wherever you want.
  4. Event Log 3 edited After you lift your finger, you’ll be greeted with a long list of settings you can create a widget for. In this case we’re looking for the “Notification Log” option. Press that once.
  5. Event Log 4 editedYou’ll be returned to your screen with a new 1×1 widget that looks exactly like the Settings icon with the name “Notification Log”. That name is pretty long for an app in Android so it will mostly likely get cut off. This is normal.
  6. Event Log 5 editedTap the icon and you’ll be taken into the Notification Log for your phone. You can scroll through everything that has happened on your phone that leaves a notification from calls, to emails to text messages and push alerts. When you press one of the log entries you’ll be taken to the application settings for that alert. Here you’ll have the ability to uninstall, force stop, revoke permissions and set defaults for the app.

Event Log 7 edited

That’s it! Pretty easy right? It would be great if this functionality was a quick tap away but these steps are pretty easy. In my case, I’ll only be adding this widget when I need it since the steps are so fast and simple.

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  1. Hmm. Not sure taking you to the app’s settings page really qualifies as “here’s how you can get it back!”

  2. Agree with tommyjr. This just gives a list of the applications that gave a notification. Not what the notification was.

  3. Not available on my Galaxy Note Edge… Under Settings, there are 2 widgets available, Flashlight and Mobile Hotspot.

  4. When it comes to getting back really old notifications, my Moto X gets me messages from yesterday. That it’s best…

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