AT&T, like other major wireless providers, is not only one that uses its towers. Indeed, there are other brands and services which pay for access to AT&T’s network.

Each of these mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) offers its own rate plans, phone selection, billing, and customer service. These companies simply rely on AT&T for cellular coverage.

If you have AT&T and want to switch providers, you might want to hold on to your device. After all, you paid for it and aren’t ready to give it up. Or, maybe you just love the coverage.

We’ve gathered up some of the cheapest rate plans you can find for the various carriers that use AT&T’s network. This isn’t every option available, but rather a list of the ones we like best.

H20 Wireless

6GB 4G LTE Data ($30)

For the money, customers receive unlimited talk and text with 6GB of high speed data as well international talk to more than 50 countries. Download speeds, for what it’s worth, are limited to 8Mbps and video streams are at 480p, both of which are par for the course for MVNOs. Sign up for automatic bill payment and save a few bucks each month.

Simply put, there are no other plans with this much high speed data at this price.

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Consumer Cellular

Unlimited Talk & Text + 3GB Data Plan ($30)

For $30 per month subscribers receive unlimited talk and text with 3GB of data. Given that the carrier’s target demographic is for senior citizen this ought to be plenty of data. In a related note, AARP members can save 5% on their monthly bill.

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Unlimited Talk & Text with 10GB LTE Data ($40)

Customers receive unlimited talk and text with 10GB LTE data in this rate plan. Hit the data threshold and you’ll still have data, just slowed to 128Kbps, or what’s commonly referred to as 2G speeds.

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$20 Unlimited Plan ($20)

Among the cheapest rate plans you’ll find with “unlimited” data, this $20 option gives subscribers 2GB of high speed access. Hit the threshold and speeds are slowed to 2G for the rest of the month, but that might not matter to its target users. Also comes with unlimited talk and text.

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Straight Talk

Unlimited Plan with 5GB ($35)

Pick up unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of high speed data for the price of a steak dinner. Of course, you can have more data after hitting the threshold, but it’s slowed to 2G for the rest of the billing cycle. Save a buck on your plan each month by signing up for automatic refills.

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Unlimited Talk & Text 3GB Plan ($30)

A new option from the carrier, this rate plan gives users unlimited talk and text for 30 days with up to 3GB of high speed data. Stay active on the plan and you’ll be able to carry unused data with you indefinitely. Save 5-10% on your bill with automatic bill payment.

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6GB Plan ($35)

This rate plan gives users unlimited talk and text for 30 days with up to 6GB of high speed data. Sign up for automatic bill payment and you’ll save $5 per month, or $60 per year. That’s like two months for free.

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6GB Plan ($30)

Users receive unlimited talk and text and up to 6GB of high speed data per month with speeds slowed after hitting the threshold. Nice and simple, just the way we like it.

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Red Pocket Mobile

10GB Plan ($30)

For your money you’ll get unlimited talk and text with 10GB of high speed 4G LTE data each month. Once you reach the limit you’ll still get unlimited data but at 2G speeds.

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10GB Plan ($30)

A little different from the others, you’ll get up to 10GB of LTE data with your unlimited texts. The catch is that you’ll only get 250 minutes of talk time per month. Not to worry, tough, as your plan includes unlimited WiFi calling.

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Unreal Mobile

3GB Plan ($25)

Unlimited talk and text are complimented by 3GB high speed data per month. As a bonus to sign up, new customers get the first month for just $15. Also includes free international calls to 80+ countries

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