Create an animation in Google Photos [How-To]

We have gone over a number of things you can do with Google Photos. I won’t list them all here but feel free to take a gander at our Tips, Tricks & Tools page and check out all of our content.

Today we are here to talk to you about animations. Remember when you were a kid and you drew a bunch of pictures in your notebook and then flipped the pages to make a short “movie” to impress all  your friends (I was never this cool). This is basically what you can do with the animation feature.


Our setup is the same as all of our other Google Photos walkthroughs:

  1. Must have the Google Photos app installed and logged into your Google account
  2. Have taken some pictures that you want to play with

Impressing your friends and family:

  1. Launch the Google Photos app
  2. Tap the options button in the upper right hand corner (3 dots)
  3. Select the Animation option
  4. Select the photos you want
  5. Tap the create button

Now you have a nice GIF that you can share with your friends and family. If you feel so inclined we would love to see some of the animations you create. Feel free to share below or tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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