So, you just downloaded an app and you’re already tired of it. Instead of letting it take up precious memory on your phone, you can do something about it. Here’s our guide on how to delete applications from your device.

There are three main ways to delete apps from your Android, and it will be a similar process on each device.

1st Method: Delete from the app drawer

Deleting apps drawer 2

Deleting apps from the app drawer is the easiest way to delete an app from your device. First, open the app drawer, and find the application you’d like to delete. Once found, press and hold on the application, and begin dragging the app towards the top of the device. You’ll soon see the word “Uninstall” at the top of your screen. Drag the app to that word until it turns red, then let go of the app. Your device will give you a notice asking if you’d like to uninstall the app. Click “OK”, and it’s uninstalled!

2nd Method: Delete from the Settings menu

deleting apps settings

This way is a bit more tricky, but still useful. Some applications don’t show up in the app drawer after you download them. If you’d like to delete it, navigate to your Settings menu. Once in Settings, scroll down until you see the word Apps. Once in the Apps menu, there are three columns to choose from: Downloaded, Running, and All. For this walkthrough, we need to be in the Downloaded section. If the app isn’t in your app drawer, you’ll see it in this menu.

Navigate to the app you’d like to uninstall, and click it. Once you’re in the app settings, you should see a box marked “Uninstall”. Click this button, and select “OK” when prompted. And that’s it. Easy, right?

3rd Method: Delete from the Google Play Store

deleting apps play store

The third method takes a bit more time, but it’s still a viable option. First, navigate to the Google Play Store. Once there, you can find the app a few different ways. Either tap the Search magnifying glass at the top of the screen and search for the app, or open up the My Apps menu. To open My Apps, swipe your finger from the left-most side of the screen to the right. You’ll see a few options, but you want to click on My Apps.

Once there, navigate to the application you’d like to install, and click on it. You should see a box labeled “Uninstall”. Click that, and select “OK” when prompted.

Note: If you remove an app from your homescreen, it doesn’t remove the app from your device. It only removes it from your main screen.

deleting apps homescreen

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