Xiaomi has shown off a few key features in MIUI 12 with one of the highlights being Super Wallpapers. These are live wallpapers that start off with a wide shot of a planet (currently showing Earth and Mars), and when your phone is unlocked, zooms in on the planet. While the feature was previously exclusive to MIUI 12 testers, the efforts of an Android enthusiast has now made it possible to download MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers on your daily driver!

Thanks to the brilliant efforts of XDA contributor linuxct, who has ported the live wallpapers out of MIUI 12, you can now use the live wallpapers on your Android phone!

This is what Super Wallpaper looks like in action. While there is an animation skip which you can see when Ice universe demonstrates the live wallpaper on their S20+.

In the S20+ you can see it skips the wide shot of Mars and instead starts off with a zoomed-in shot of the planet, transitioning into a closeup of the surface.

After installing the live wallpaper on my OnePlut 7T, I can confirm that the lock screen shows a closeup of the planet and then transitions to the surface on unlocking. There currently isn’t a way to achieve the presentation shown in the first tweet where the planet is shown at a very wide shot, and it gets closer with each step of unlocking the phone.

Download MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers – YMMV

You can download the wallpapers from the link below, courtesy of XDA Developers.

Note: The live wallpapers only work on Android 8.1 and above devices.

Download MIUI 12 Super Wallpapers

The download link will give you access to the following live wallpapers:

  • Earth Super Wallpaper
    • Earth Glacier Super Wallpaper
    • Earth Forest Super Wallpaper
  • Mars Super Wallpaper (This is a fixed version of the original one ported by linuxct)

All you have to do is download the APK, install it and from there figure out how to set your live wallpaper on your respective flavor of Android OS.┬áThe variation in Android OEM’s means you might have to go through different methods to set it as a live wallpaper.

I was able to install the APK’s on my OnePlut 7T and set it as a live wallpaper from the wallpaper section on the home screen with no trouble. I was not able to achieve the same on my Pocophone F1 as I can’t get it to set as a lock screen wallpaper.

It’s recommended you have the Wallpapers app installed just in case you want to make sure it works. Look for them in the Live Wallpapers section of the app once installed.

If you get it to work, let us know in the comments section below along with the device you got it to work on!

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