Google has hung their hat on Search for most of their existence. It collects data and enables the company to create ad revenue, which in turn, offers you some cool services and products.

One of those products is Android and it has Search built into its core. A new trick Search has is voice-enabled feature sets on mobile. Today, we’re going to show you how to make this one a must-have with hands-free detection.

What’s It Do?

Hands-free detection will allow Google’s hotwords to enable Google Assistant regardless of the status of your phone. Whether it’s unlocked and in use, or asleep on the table next to you, “OK Google” will wake the device and launch Assistant.

How to turn it on?

Thankfully, this feature is just a few steps away in the Settings of your Android device. Let’s take a look at how to get there:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on “Google”
  • Find Search, Assistant & Voice
  • Tap and open Voice
  • Then Voice Match setting
  • Turn on both of the first two toggles: “Access with Voice Match” and “Unlock with Voice Match”

We’ve provided screenshots below to help out if you’re struggling with finding these on your device. It’s also worth a mention that some of these menus may be slightly different from phone to phone, but the majority of phones will look something like this.


You should now be able to initiate Voice Search and Assistant from any point on your Android device. What’s the Hands-Free option just below Voice Match in the 3rd screenshot? While it is in the title of this post, this takes the voice activation one step further of allowing access to the mic while connected to either a wired or wireless headset.

You should now have a phone that is ready to react to all your voice commands no matter what. Whether your screen is locked, or you are surfing Twitter, OK Google will launch you straight into Assistant with these settings turned on.

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