I live in Los Angeles. Traffic notifications are indispensable, as there seems to be no end to gridlock, accidents and other delays. Therefore, when planning your trip or daily commute, knowing how to enable traffic notifications in Google Maps is a must.

Enabling traffic notifications

Fortunately, Google Maps has a very robust traffic notification system. The first step is to sign-in to your Google account. If you are using your Android phone, you are probably already signed-in.

To enable traffic notifications on your phone, perform the following:

  1. Open Google Maps. See Figure 1.

    Fig. 1
  2. Tap on the menu bars on the top left corner. See Figure 2.

    Fig. 2
  3. Tap on Traffic. See Figure 3.

    Fig. 3

Your map will now show traffic conditions near your location. See Figure 4.

Fig. 4

If you have location services enabled, Google Maps will periodically provide real-time notifications of traffic around you. When there is severe traffic or an accident nearby, Google Maps will also notify you.

Disabling traffic notifications

If you need to disable traffic notifications, perform the same steps as enabling traffic.

  1. Click on the menu bars on the top left corner. See Figure 2 above.
  2. Notice that Traffic is highlighted, showing notifications are enabled. See Figure 5.

    Fig. 5
  3. To disable, click again. Now your map will look like Figure 2 above without traffic (and a lot less red in L.A.).

This completes this procedure.

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