Enabling the Ecosystem: Mogees, Part One

Tips & Tools Enabling the Ecosystem: Mogees, Part One

Enabling the Ecosystem is a series of interviews with those people and firms that are helping to build the overall Android ecosystem.

Today’s interview is with David Li, CEO and co-founder of Mogees, a application payment system for Android that is rolling out today!

AG: So, what is Mogees all about?

DL: Mogees is the easiest way for mobile developers to make money. We take care of the monetization so the app developer can focus on developing great apps. We’ve built a payments platform and a SDK for Android developers to easily integrate with. They can offer their apps as paid, or as free trials based on time or usage. Once the free trial runs out, users are automatically prompted to purchase the application right in the app.  Completing a purchase takes seconds for the consumer. Mogees also allow developers to get paid for value added services or content. This will allow developers to sell digital goods and premium content right in their apps with a fully integrated and seamless user experience.

Mogees also provide analytics tools to help developers track the usage and sale conversion of these apps.

From the mobile user perspective, Mogees is the easiest way to pay for apps and content straight from the Android phone. Consumers can pay via credit cards or PayPal. After an initial payment, subsequent payments take only one click.

AG: Technically, what is involved in integrating Mogees into an Android application?

DL: For someone who has developed an Android app before, it should be very straight forward to integrate the Mogees SDK into their Android app. After downloading our SDK, they are guided by our step-by-step integration guide. They simply need to add new permissions (if not already required by [their] app), and point their application to a new launcher class which we provide. The actual integration of Mogees can take less than ten minutes.

AG: How do developers get their share of the proceeds (quarterly payments by check, weekly distributions by PayPal, gold bullion delivered daily by limo, etc.)?

DL: Developers will receive a monthly payout of their proceeds via PayPal or wire. We’re also looking to increase our payout capabilities as need arises.

Tomorrow: Part Two of the Mogees interview!

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