Enabling the Ecosystem: Mogees, Part Two

Tips & Tools Enabling the Ecosystem: Mogees, Part Two

This post, following yesterday’s Part One, continues our interview with David Li, CEO and co-founder of Mogees.

AG: Does Mogees’ SDK come with anything to help users understand what they have and have not paid for in a certain app, or across all Mogees apps on their device?

DL: The Mogees SDK tells the consumers when their free trial is up and they need to pay. The SDK itself does not tell the consumers the other information, but they can log into their Mogees account to find this information.

AG: Will you be distributing Mogees-enabled Android applications yourself, or are you leaving distribution up to Android Market, AndAppStore, and kin?

DL: Our current plans are to focus on the payments and billing piece, and partner with distributors.

AG: Reports indicate that Android Market will support paid-for apps in Q1 of 2009. Do you expect Mogees-enabled applications to be distributable through the Market after this comes to pass?

DL: We are in discussions with the Android Market team. Mogees provide lots of ways for Android developers to monetize their applications. We do expect Mogees to co-exist with the paid Android Market. We offer developers much richer monetization models than the Android Market can provide them.

AG: Do you anticipate any user confusion, if the Android Market says an app has no cost, yet the Mogees system imposes a fee after the free trial?

DL: In the use case you describe, we would expect the app developer to clearly state the trial terms of the application in the app description field, so there are no surprises to the consumer.

AG: Is the G in Mogees a hard G (as in “Google-sized opportunity”) or a soft G (as in “gigantic upside potential”)?  ;-)

DL: It is pronounced with a soft G, as in “3G network”.

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