Enabling the Ecosystem: voeveo, Part Two

Tips & Tools Enabling the Ecosystem: voeveo, Part Two

This post, following yesterday’s Part One, continues our interview with Annabel Youens, Community Director of voeveo.

AG: One of the pervasive fears in mobile development is exclusivity — are you aware of any arrangements that would prevent developers from listing their wares in Voeveo as well as in other venues?

AY: Listing on voeveo is by no means exclusive. We let our sellers decide how to sell and I firmly believe that the wider exposure an application has, the better it is for everyone.

AG: Could you describe a bit more about how your Mobile Matching system works?

AY: We make it really easy for any buyers on voeveo to see what works on their phone. There is nothing worse than purchasing a piece of content and finding out it doesn’t work on your phone (argghh!) We didn’t want our buyers to have that experience so we match their phone to the requirements the sellers indicate.

Every time a seller uploads an item of content they indicate the appropriate requirements and then voeveo automatically matches each piece of content to the members phone. This protects everyone and gives our members the best experience possible. They know what they buy is going to work on their phone; we even guarantee it:

AG: Will you be helping existing Voeveo content publishers test or repackage their wares for Android?

AY: To be honest I hadn’t really thought about that. But we’re always keen to help out our sellers, so if they’re asking for it we do everything we can to make it happen.

AG: If there were one thing that Google or OHA could do that would help grow the Android ecosystem, what would it be?

AY: More phones faster, please :) Being based in New Zealand it’s going to take a while for Android phones to reach us. I guess I’m just a little impatient to get my hands on one.

AG: How do you like New Zealand?

AY: I’m originally from Victoria, B.C. in Canada. I arrived in Wellington in 2002 for a couple of years, and yet six years later I’m still here. New Zealand, especially Wellington is a very creative city. It’s a city for walking, exploring, drinking coffee and being with friends. I’m certain I’ll return to Canada at some point but I’ll still haven’t explored all the beaches, lakes and mountains around this amazing country. I’d recommend a trip to NZ for anyone :)

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