Let’s face it, looking at your notification and status bar for checking the battery level is boring. Truthfully, things haven’t changed much in that area over the last few years. Sure, some OEMs are building in things to display exact percentages and others offer widgets with battery status. But, by and large, looking at your phone to check how much juice is left can be a lot cooler. Enter an app called Energy Bar.

Available for free in the Google Play Store, Energy Bar lets users customize the way their phone displays battery levels. The app lets you replace the plain generic bar at the top of your phone with something more eye-catching. Or, perhaps you like the way things are and only want a super-thin line at the uppermost edge of your screen.

Would you prefer a nice thin hairline indicator that spans the width of your phone? Maybe you’d like something thick with multiple colors to help differentiate from 25% remaining and 50% remaining. This is exactly what Energy Bar does. And, yes, it plays nice with apps that take up the full screen, like YouTube or Netflix.

Note that some of the features are unlocked via in-app purchase for $1.99; doing so also removes advertisements from the settings screen. The free client allows for some decent personalization and can also show you how things would appear if you unlocked the full version.

Benefits of the Support Dev Pack (unlocked full version)

  • Status Bar: If you are on Android 4.4+ you can set Energy Bar as your status Bar. And just in case your status bar hides Energy Bar on some screens, the Bar’s thickness by default is a pixel or two more and so you’ll see a really thin Energy Bar below your status bar on some screens.
  • Gradient Bar: While you can already color code Energy Bar out of the box with segments, this feature let you set a gradient to the Bar, making the Bar fun to look at all the time yet delivering crucial information about your battery ;)
  • Merge Segments: If you have created multiple segments, you can merge and show at once. It’s like gradient, except that colors have sharp boundaries.

Because it allows for precise colors and/or gradients, you are sure to create a bar that perfectly aligns with your overall scheme or layout. If you’re a minimalist, go for something that’s different shades of a color and set it in the center. Want something more ambitious or attention grabbing? Pick four distinct colors and put a 30 pixel thick bar across the top.

There’s plenty of customization to be had with Energy Bar. While we like tailoring things with fine-tune precision, sometimes we enjoy serendipity, too. To that end, there’s a cool feature that randomly selects colors. Simply pick how many you want, all the way up to ten, and it can create a gorgeous palette. Now you’ll have a much cooler looking bar at the top of your phone to show how much juice remains.

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