As you know, a Virtual Private Network is a secure network that allows you to access networks and the internet as safely as possible with a few performance enhancements such as geographic flexibility or surpassing bandwidth restrictions.

What you may not know is that VPN is now available at the best VPN providers for most Android devices. Not just your mobile phone or tablet but your laptop too; essentially any piece of tech you carry around with you can access mobile VPN – but what’s it for? Surely a mobile device can make use of mobile data or Wi-Fi hotspots for network access?

Well yes they can but if you’re going out of your way to be secure on your home network, why allow your guard down when you step out of the house? Can you afford for your phone or laptop to be hacked via a Wi-FI hotspot? There has been a rise in criminals hacking ‘free Wi-Fi’ in 2015; Will your business maintain its reputation if all the customers’ details are freely accessible thanks to poor network security on the move?

The answer to these questions is almost certainly no and a big tick in a big box for Mobile VPN but the case in favour doesn’t end there.

Mobile VPN offers a similar level of geographic flexibility when compared to normal VPN as it can offer remote access to your home network – an invaluable tool to have when you think about the positives. In brief, you could upload basic information to your Android device and leave all the sensitive data on your home network for secure, mobile access when required – far less risk.

Remote access is nothing new but it has always been restricted to desktop computers that are hard wired to a network – now that we can access a network remotely, we can look to the present and future applications of such a technological advancement.

The NHS make use of Mobile VPN to securely access medical records – imagine a travelling nurse or carer attending a property and being given all the information they need instantly with no threat of a security breach. Public safety organisations also use Mobile VPN to carry out checks on those they have arrested and for their dash-cam technology – a high speed, secure uplink to the base of operations network means full coverage!

This all sounds very confusing and, in truth, it certainly can be tough to get your head around. However, if you need more information, you can find VPN protocols explained online that can break things down for you no matter your computing proficiency.

In brief, Mobile VPN can surpass bandwidth restrictions to give you a stronger connection on the move, it’s more secure than ever before, it allows remote access to your home network and the roaming capabilities mean you’ll spend less time being interrupted by connection issues and more time accessing the network and files you need to succeed.

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