The LG V40 ThinQ is LG’s latest and greatest phone made for creators. The V series always stands out with the best specs currently out there and tools to get the attention photographers and videographers. Along with those tools comes tons of features, so if you just got your hands on a brand new V40 here’s where you can get started.

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Protect It

The LG V40 comes with a hefty price tag and given that it’s mostly made of glass, it is not exactly rugged. With a $1000 investment and your phone being an essential tool, it’s best to take some precautions and protect it.

In this instance, that means buying a case and screen protector, because nothing is worse than seeing all that shattered glass when picking up your phone after an accidental tumble. Here are a few to get you started and you can check out our list of the Best LG V40 ThinQ cases for more options.


Screen Protectors

More Storage

You can never have enough storage, especially when it comes to a phone made specifically for creators. Between all the cameras, the great screen, and the fantastic sound you are going to pack tons of media into the LG V40. That’s where a microSD card comes in handy, so don’t forget to take advantage of this feature.

Enable the App Drawer

By default, the app drawer is disabled on the LG V40 and if you’re like me you’re going to want to rectify this as quickly as possible. No worries because a few clicks in the settings menu will have you all fixed up.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Home screen
  • Select Home
  • Home with separate apps list

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Turn on Comfort View

Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from displays can be damaging to our sleep cycles. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up browsing on your phone before bedtime to get a good nights rest. Just follow these instructions and enable the blue light filter which LG refers to as Comfort view.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Comfort view

Customize the Navigation Bar

One frustration about using a phone with a larger display can be reaching up to lower your notification tray. Fortunately, there is a way to customize your navigation keys to add a button to drop down your notification tray. At least that’s my favorite way to use this feature, but LG also includes some extra buttons and you can rearrange them to your liking.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Home touch buttons
  • Button combination

Set up Face Recognition

Face unlock is all the rage these days and with the LG V40 you won’t be left out. It might lack the IR sensors of some other systems but it still gets the job done and only takes a few steps to set up. Two things to note are that Face Recognition is less secure at protecting your phone and it won’t work when the battery is too low.

  • Open Settings
  • Lock screen & security
  • Face Recognition

Try Out the Cameras

The LG V40 comes with a whopping five cameras with three on the back and two on the front. This is a big selling point for the LG V40 and LG made sure to take advantage by offering you plenty of different settings and modes to try.

Take some time to play around with the cameras learning the advantage of each lens, and if you can’t decide then use the Triple shot feature to take a photo using all three at once. Don’t forget the camera is capable of more than just taking photos. With Google Lens built directly into the camera app, you can use it to search objects, translate, or shop.

Enable the Always on Display

With the always on display enabled you’ll be able to get the time, weather, date, battery level, and a quick glance at your notifications. You can even customize it with your own text or photos. The only downside being that it consumes more battery power, but in many cases it is negligible.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Always-on display

Turn on the Floating Bar

The Floating Bar is a throwback to when the V series included a secondary screen at the top with shortcuts and controls. When LG dropped the secondary screen they kept the functionality of it by enabling a virtual Floating Bar. The bar stays hidden until you press the button to reveal it and many of the shortcuts can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Open Settings
  • Extensions
  • Floating Bar

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Improve the Sound

Between using two speakers and a high-quality Quad DAC LG has packed some serious sound into the V40. However, you can make it even better by tweaking the sound settings. One way to improve the sound is by enabling DTS:X 3D Surround. It allows you to customize the effect to your liking and there are plenty more sound settings to play with. Make sure to experiment and find the perfect sound for you.

  • Open Settings
  • Sound
  • Sound quality and effects

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