If there’s one thing that remains constant it’s that we don’t like our Android devices to look the same for very long. Yeah, we know, it’s ironic. One of our favorite things to do is to regularly change up the home screen and lock screen of our phones. This means we’re always on the hunt for new icons, wallpapers, and widgets.

We’d like to highlight a handful of apps today that work with widget apps Zooper Widget and Zooper Widget Pro. If you’ve ever installed them then you know just how flexible and fun they can be. Indeed, one widget app can offer numerous, and sometimes infinite, possibilities.

What you’ll find below may not be brand new but we certainly do admire them. Moreover, we’re very fond of how they can easily spruce up an otherwise boring or humdrum layout. First things, first: download Zooper Widget Pro and get ready for some fun!

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MIN for Zooper pro


We know you. You don’t like clutter and a busy home screen full of icons and distraction. No, you’d rather keep it lean with the minimal stuff, preferring instead to tuck things away behind the scenes. That’s why we’re recommending this one; it’s everything you want, which is almost nothing. The widgets are text-based and simplistic and take a backseat to your wallpaper. This isn’t to suggest they’re boring, though, as we really dig the font and placement. FREE

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Retro Zooper Skins


For those who prefer a large, flat-colored clock or calendar widget. We actually find this one works best when you let it take up half of your screen. This free app includes some two dozen widgets, each with a different feel and design. You won’t want to add much else to your home screen once you put one of these widgets in place. But, if you do, the single color approach complements just about an icon pack you can find. FREE

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Fuse for Zooper Widget Pro


Updated quite a bit, and with new designs along the way, you’ll find all sorts of layouts and options. Sure, some of them are a little more busy than others, but we wager to guess a few of you might enjoy some of the looks nonetheless. In addition to the clocks and weather stuff you’d expect, there are also media player widgets and other goodies, too. FREE.

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stun zooper widgets


With more than five dozen widgets included in this bundle, there’s surely something for everyone. That means the clean and minimal stuff just as much as those screens with… a little more. Each design is unique in its own right but feels cohesive when viewed as a collection. We had a tough time figuring out which of this developer’s widget packs to highlight, but if these aren’t your style, then something else from mz design will be. It’s all sharp stuff and looks way better than the stock widgets. $1.41

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Typographical Zooper Theme


Although this one requires the installation of a third app (Media Utilities) and a small fee, you’ll be glad you listened to us here. There are more than 200 widgets to pore through and the inclusion of some 80 fonts make sure you never create the same design twice. We’re really into the text-based widgets for time and weather lately and think these are some of the best around. If you’re into deeply personal widgets and home screen creations then you should look no further. $1.50

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