As some of you know we recently went back in time with one of our GET THIS LOOK posts. Back to a time that was totally rad where acid wash jeans and hair metal was all the rage.

As part of the 80’s Rad look we were introduced to a bodacious icon pack that featured 3,200 icons, wallpapers and widgets. Seeing these icons and widgets we were reminded an iconic movie: Tron. Today’s look builds off of some of that foundation, but with some slight variations. That’s right, the 80’s Strike Back!

Why pay for some of these apps?

You might put in a few bucks to get things rolling but you’ll be glad you did in the long run. The sheer level of configuration and customization behind a few of these titles means endless designs. If you’ve been doing the custom home screen stuff for a while, you may have already purchased some of these apps already.

What you’ll need


  • Theme in Action Launcher set to custom
  • Quickbar set to search box
  • QuickPage enabled (optional)


Once you have these settings adjusted to your liking it’s time to dig into the wallpaper. Go into Minimi Wallpaper and then search for the Rocky Davis collection. There, you will find a nice collection featuring the Joker, Doctor Doom, Teen Wolf and more. Select which background you like and make sure you adjust it to the your screen. After that Action Launcher will take care of the color scheme.

Once you have picked your wallpaper it’s time to make use of the Rad Pro Icons. Go into Action Launcher setting to Display>Icon and select Rad Pro Icons. Make sure you look through the many widgets that Rad has because there’s plenty to choose from. Set your desktop grid to whatever you like.

What’s cool about this look is that with Action Launcher 3 you are given many ways for theming your phone. To me, the best feature is its auto theme ability. It’s able to pick up on your wallpaper and give you appropriate colors for your scheme automatically.

Slide out from right
Quickpage slide out from right

Then there are the two different slideouts from the left and right. Quickdrawer (which I leave turned off) houses all your apps, while sliding out from the right gives you the Quickpage. The Quickpage let’s you stash apps and widgets of your choice. There are too many things about Action Launcher to mention here but it really is the backbone of this look.

Between these three apps you are sure to have many different looks for the summer. If you’re really feeling ambitious or want a full customization, download Zedge. Surely you’ll discover a coordinating ringtone for the appropriate movie. When I have the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man rocking my background, I like to have the Ghostbusters theme as my ringtone.

If you wish to change the background colors of your search bar, Quickpage or Quickdraw, go to Quicktheme and select the items you want to change.

About Steal This Look

Here at Android Guys, we’re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience for our Android device. In fact, we love it so much that we have an ongoing series of Steal This Look posts. In a nutshell we show you a new layout, app, widget, or icon set for your Android device and tell you which apps you’ll need to mimic the feel.

Some of these are a little easier to create than others and many of them can be tweaked to no end. The above details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish; your results will vary. Which is awesome! If nothing else, this is a great way to discover new apps, widgets, icons, and more!

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