When Google Assistant first made the leap from your phone to another device in 2016 your choice was simple. Either buy a Google Home speaker or nothing. Since then times have changed, and the product line has grown from speakers to headphones to even smart displays. There have never been more options than there are today with more always coming.

In the beginning, having just one speaker seemed like plenty but as time has gone on their uses have expanded and so have the reasons to add more. Now, you have the capability to treat them as an intercom system with the broadcast command as well as the ability to use them for whole home audio. If you’re looking to expand your smart home or just beginning, take a look at our list below to get started.

Smart Speakers


The Google Home speaker started it all and has now grown into a trio of speakers including the Google Home Mini and Google Home Max. The Google Home Mini is a perfect starter speaker whereas the Google Home has more power and bass. Then there’s Google Home Max which turns it up even further with better audio quality and a higher price of course.

Google Home Mini


Google Store ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Verizon Walmart

Google Home

Google Store ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Verizon Walmart

Google Home Max

Google Store ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Verizon Walmart


Next, we have JBL’s Link series of speakers which rivals that of Google’s offerings with four different speakers at four different price points. Part of JBL’s line up are the Link 10 and Link 20 which are portable Google Assistant speakers. While the Link 300 and 500 are larger stationary speakers for filling your home with audio.

JBL Link 10

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JBL Link 20

JBL ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Verizon Walmart

JBL Link 300

JBL ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Walmart

JBL Link 500

JBL ABT Amazon Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Walmart


The Insignia brand provides a modern take on alarm clocks with two different flavors to choose from. Both are exclusive to Best Buy with the larger more expensive of the two being portable with a built-in battery. These are known to go on sale from time to time and can be picked up at a bargain price if you’re patient.

Insignia voice speaker and alarm clock

Best Buy

Insignia voice portable smart speaker and alarm clock

Best Buy


Part of LG’s ever-expanding ThinQ line of devices comes their own Google Assistant speaker. Said to feature Meridian filtering to remove imperfections giving you clearer vocals and enhanced bass.

LG WK7 ThinQ Smart Speaker

LG ABT Amazon B&H Photo Frys Newegg Target Walmart


The Onkyo Google Assistant speaker comes from a brand with 70 years experience in hi-fi music. The G3 smart speaker is packed into a resonance tuned wood cabinet with custom two-way drivers and dynamic noise reduction technology.

Onkyo Smart Speaker G3

Onkyo B&H Photo Newegg


From the audio company Polk comes their Polk Assist smart speaker. Its compact design makes it perfect for placing anywhere around the house and has been designed for room-filling audio.

Polk Audio Assist Smart Speaker

Polk B&H Photo Newegg Walmart


Looking surprisingly similar to the Homepod smart speaker from Apple with a clock is the Sony S50G. A unique feature for the S50G are the touch-free controls. With just the wave of your hand, you have the power to change songs or adjust the volume. It also provides you with 360 degrees of sound and has an IPX3 splashproof rating.


ABT Best Buy B&H Photo Frys Newegg Walmart


The TicHome Mini is another portable speaker with water protection on our list. It comes in a variety of attractive colors, features a handy loop, and IPX6 waterproofing. Between its compact size, waterproofing, and 6-hour battery life it is a great way to take Google Assistant with you around the house.

TicHome Mini

Mobvoi Walmart


Zolo is the audio brand from well known mobile phone accessories maker Anker. Their first and only Google Assistant smart speaker at this time is the Zolo Mojo. This tiny speaker promises exceptional clarity and enhanced bass to help you work your mojo at home.


Zolo Walmart



Often considered the best of the best when it comes to noise canceling headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II is an updated version of the originals with Google Assistant support. If you’re looking for over the ear Assistant enabled headphones with noise cancellation this is your best bet.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

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The Pixel Buds were the first pair of Google Assistant enabled headphones to be released. Made by Google themselves this pair of Bluetooth headphones had mixed reviews to say the least. Often compared to Apple’s Airpods the Pixel Buds are not truly wireless but do include a charging case much like the Airpods.

Pixel Buds

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Much like JBL’s Link series of smart speakers they are all about giving you options. This time in a trio of headphones coming in different sizes and price points. The Everest 110GA is for all of you who prefer smaller lightweight earbuds. While the Everest 310GA offer a larger on-ear design and the Everest 710GA are even larger with an over-ear design.

Everest 110GA

JBL ABT Frys Best Buy B&H Photo Verizon

Everest 310GA

JBL ABT B&H Photo Verizon


Everest 710GA

JBL ABT Frys Verizon

Smart Displays


The JBL Link View is the second smart speaker officially released and comes with an 8-inch display with two 10w speakers on either side. JBL’s offering looks a bit bulkier than the one from Lenovo but features two speakers for a more power and stereo sound.

JBL Link View

JBL Link View



Lenovo was the first official smart display to be released for Google Assistant. It comes in two variants an 8-inch and 10-inch model. The 8-inch includes an HD display while the 10-inch features a full HD display. Both only include one 10w speaker.

Lenovo Smart Display 8-inch

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Best Buy B&H Photo

Lenovo Smart Display 10-inch

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Best Buy B&H Photo

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