Managing contacts on your phone can be a nightmare, especially when switching to another phone. The disastrous process of importing contacts from one phone to another can be easily avoided if your contacts are backed up to your Google account. This way, as soon as you sign in to your Google account on your Android phone, contacts will be synced by default and you’ll be good to go. This approach to managing contacts is much easier than backing contacts up to your SIM card and having your carrier manually import contacts to your new phone. Here’s how you back up contacts to Google:
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       1. Go into your Contacts appContacts2

Although there are many different Android phones, all of them will have a “contacts” or “people” app to view your entire address book. This is my Contacts app, and I’m going to tap the three-dotted action menu button to view options. Your menu button may be in a different location depending on your phone.

      2. Go into the ‘Accounts’ section

Tapping the three-dotted menu button gives you the option of going to your Accounts section, where you’ll be shown all the accounts you have logged in to your phone (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and this is where you want to go to your Google account.
You may have multiple Google accounts on one phone, but choose the one you’d like to backup contacts to.

This will take you to the Sync page within your Google account that shows everything that’s synced up with your Google account. One of these is contacts, where you can activate and Google will sync all of your current contacts with your Google account. After several seconds later, your contacts will be backed up.Accounts

Backing up contacts to Google is an easy way of knowing your contacts will be ready for you on your next Android phone once you sign into Google on that one. Similar to backing up photos and music to the cloud, keeping your contacts synced with Google is becoming the best way of managing your address book.


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