“Frustration”, the first word that comes to mind when I think about bloatware. Seriously, why do all these companies decide that they know what we are going to want and not allow us to remove said apps. I’m not dumb, I get “why” they do it but ultimately they are not doing us consumers any favors when they add in apps that always seem to chew up our precious battery resources. Thankfully, there are some companies out there who seem to have the consumer interests in mind (BLU, FiGO, etc.). Unfortunately, none of these come as flagships nor do the major service providers push these brands.

While the only way to remove these apps is to root your phone, there is something we can do to at least remove these apps from sight and recoup some of that battery drain they cause. Android has the ability to disable apps that are part of the base image, but we do not want to use.

Reclaiming your phone:

The only thing you need to accomplish this is an app you don’t want to use and a little know-how.

  1. Open you app drawer and tap the Settings option
  2. Tap on the Applications option
  3. Scroll to the app that you would like to disable and tap on its name
  4. Under the app name you will see a Disable button, tap it
    1. If you see an uninstall option, all updates must be uninstalled before the app can be disabled

You have now disabled that annoying app and, you now have the tools to disable whatever annoying app you find in this device or any other android device you want. Show your friends and be the guys who knows “everything”.

What apps annoy you? Do you have any friends/family you intend to show this? Leave us a comment below.

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