So, you’re on your new Android device, surfing the web. You come across a photo that you really want saved on your device. Here’s our guide for downloading pictures from the Internet to your Android.

First, find the picture you’d like to download. It can be located anywhere – a website, Facebook, Google+, Google Search. Once you’ve found your image, press and hold down on it until you see a menu.

Saving images 1

From here, click the “Save image” tab, and it will begin downloading. If you’re downloading a large image, it may take a few more seconds for it to download.

Saving images 2

Pull down your notification shade to find the download notification. Either click that notification or head over to your gallery app. If downloaded correctly, the photo has been saved to your device!

Still having trouble? Head to the comments and we will do our best to help you out! If there is anything you would like to suggest to AndroidGuys or to any other readers, feel free to use the comment section below!

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  1. All i have is view image, which switches to another image and save/copy link and open in a new tab. Ive tried double click and long click with same result. On Facebook the only way ive found is to view the image, select the “share” option, select text message, send it to a land line, then go to text and find it. Phone is a Motorola defy

  2. I can’t save pictures anymore .how can I save pictures again when Menu doesn’t give a save command anymore?

  3. I’m having Intex Aqua i5 mini mobile. i’m not able to save images from google. I tried long press, double tap.. I don’t get any pop-up menu or option to save images. What else can i do?

  4. I can’t save pictures from a website to my android phone(infinix zero)I tried following the pattern you explained but nothing pops up.What do I do?

  5. Hello, i have a basic LG straight talk Android i bought from Walmart. I cant figure out how to download pics from anything. I tried to press and hold down on the pics like you suggested…and nothing. I would tremendously appreciate your help. The only way i can store any picture is if i take a picture with camera on phone….but i cant save a picture of internet at all. Pleeeeease help.

  6. At one time my phone use to let me download pictures, but now I gets nothing. Can somebody explain to me why this happened

  7. my Google had updated on my Samsung galaxy a3 it won’t let me save a bon jovi picture all I can do is edit the picture

  8. i get two options – replace and create, and when i touch create the replace button get clicked and i never get to download all images. please help

    • Same here. Save as image.jpg or image01.jpg or overwrite

      Won’t save by the actual web image name anymore. Driving me insane.

    • You should try out the ‘Create’ button instead of ‘Replace’. This creates a new file in your gallery instead of deleting the existing image with the same title as the one you want to download. This is a slight inconvenience caused by the Chrome app.

      • Yes. That does work, but it does not download the file and save it as it’s correct filename. Automatically downloads and calls it images(2).jpg etc.

  9. I recently bought an LG Tribute 2 and when I wanted to download a picture from Google Search, in the images section, I couldn’t. I don’t know if it is my phone that doesn’t have the ability to or google. On my old phone it never did this until recently. Can you help me in finding a solution to this please? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

    • This is a problem with the Google App that happens with all phones. I don’t think you can actually save images through the app. What worked for me is to use a different browser like Chrome, and not use the basic Google one that you’re talking about.

  10. I am using New Samsung galaxy j7. I used to do the same process in my old Android phone.but it’s not working with j7 press and hold down on it until you see a menu. What should I do now?

    • If you use the google widget it doesn’t work.You need to open Chrome and then long press suddenly does work.

  11. “Still having trouble? Head to the comments and we will do our best to help you out!”

    …or not. Seem to be a lot of unanswered questions. While I understand you are an advertising and tips site, don’t offer help if you aren’t going to help

  12. Before upgrading to marshmallow I could do this all the time. Was a great feature. Now its a nope. The message comes up to save image but when you click it, nothing happens. I loathe this update.

  13. When I download a picture it saves it but it doesn’t appear in my gallery, it appears on my downloads. How do I fix that? I have an lg k7

  14. I can dowload it but it dose not pop up in my gallory. It just stays in my downloads. How do i move it?

  15. Images are downloading but High Definition images are not downloading even though it is a HD image, only thumbnails are downloading.while viewing in gallery, pixels are not adjusting. clarity is missing on images which are downloaded through above procedure. please tell me how to download Hd image.please reply me.

  16. I’m unable to save images by pressing down and holding. I have an LG 4 phone. Can anyone please help? My friends with iPhones don’t have this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  17. I want to save an image but I tried, and I couldn’t. I can save another image but not the one I want. BTW, I have Samsung Galaxy S6 and I am using “Internet”.

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