Android Q, or Android 10 as it will be officially known, is right around the corner. Google’s next-gen platform is about ready to make its debut in the coming months as part of the Pixel 4 experience.

With Android 10 there figures to be quite a few handy features and options available to users. Key among them is a new option known as ‘Focus Mode’, a setting that essentially turns off all distractions.

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Designed for the purpose of uninterrupted work or school, Focus Mode will temporary lock users out of distracting apps, helping to keep them focused.

As the next step of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative that showed up with Android 9 Pie, Focus Mode blends the ‘Wind Down’ and your handset’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings to help people put the phone down more often.

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It’s available inside of the Digital Wellbeing app for those who are already running Android 10. If you have that on your phone, you can head to the app/setting now and look for Focus mode.

If you don’t have Android 10/Android Q beta just yet, you can at least install a beta version of the Digital Wellbeing app.

How to get Focus Mode for your Android phone now

  1. Install Digital Wellbeing on your Android phone
  2. Enroll as a beta tester for the app – You can also do this through the Play Store listing
  3. Update your Digital Wellbeing app to include the beta features
  4. Tap “Your Digital Wellbeing tools”
  5. Under “Ways to disconnect” look for Focus Mode

From here you can configure which apps you’d like to set up to restrict. If you know which apps you tend to open most, check the boxes. Whether it’s because of habit or notifications, select those you find to be a nuisance of sorts.

Here’s a helpful tip: The apps are initially shown based on how much time you spend in them. Those at the top are most likely to break your focus.

Quick Settings

After you’ve configured your Focus Mode settings, add a shortcut to your phone’s drop-down menu. This way you can pull it up as easily as you might turn on the flashlight or toggle a mobile hotspot. If anything, it helps to cut down the steps of going through your app tray and possibly taking a trip down another rabbit hole.

To do this, follow these quick steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your notification drawer until the menu is fully expanded
  2. Tap the pencil icon that lets you edit the settings
  3. Drag and drop the Focus Mode icon to wherever you’d like in the quick settings menu
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