Tab Management. It is often one of the most overlooked issues with using browsers on mobile devices. There have been occasions where I have looked at my wife’s or parents phone and notices that there are more than 10 tabs open in their browser. There is a way to manage the tabs and open new ones. Tabs can actually be just as useful on a mobile device as they are on a desktop browser, you just have to know how to work with them. Let’s get started cleaning us those tabs, because nobody wants dirty tabs.


The only thing you will need is having Chrome installed on your device.

Creating Tabs:

If you are in a situation where you would need to open a new tab, it is easier than you might think.

  1. With Chrome open, tap the menu button in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Tap on the very first option “New Tab”

Opening new tabs are just as useful on mobile as they are desktop, allowing you to retain the current web page while opening another page. However, it doesn’t do you any good to open a new tab if you don’t know how to access or manage the old ones.

Tab Management:

Managing your tabs is easier in some respects than opening a new tab. I say this because you don’t even need to open a menu to get to view the open tabs

  1. With Chrome open tap on the square next to the left of the menu button.
  2. From the tab management window you can:
    1. Tap on any window to open that tab.
    2. Tap the “X” to close the corresponding window.
    3. Open a new tab by pressing the “+” button in the upper left corner.
    4. Or, tap the menu button for additional options.

Now that you have your tabs on lockdown, your mobile browsing experience will be that much more enjoyable.

What is your favorite Chrome browser tool? How useful do you find tabs in the mobile browser? Leave us your thoughts below.

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  1. Who is this article for? Anyone with an interest in opening more than one tab will surely know these ridiculously basic “tab management” strategies because they are the same as any other part of Android OS. The square tab button acts exactly the same as the dedicated square multitasking button in android. Also, you never even mentioned that in addition to hitting X on a tab to close, you can simply swipe it away.
    Why do you talk about having 10 tabs open in Chrome like it’s something dirty? Mobile Chrome is quite stable. I have 96 tabs open right now and have had about that many open for a month (I cycle certain ones here and there). The only time Chrome actually crashes is when I open more than about 20 incognito tabs in addition to the approximately 100 other tabs, and even then they have to be media rich. Chrome gets slow, eventually stops responding, and closes. Reopening it restores all my normal tabs but of course the incognito ones are gone. 10 tabs is nothing for mobile Chrome. IMO this article is a waste of hosting space and I have no clue why Google Now would feature it in my feed. This response may actually contain more content.

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