We recently did a general review of PhoneTrans by iMobie. This great software offers some great tools to backup, restore, and clone your data from one phone to another. This includes iOS and Android devices. Now, we’d like to circle back to this suite of software to do a deeper dive into the Android to Android transfer options with PhoneTrans.

New Android phone, No problem

One of the biggest fears of grabbing a new phone can be the dilemma of data transferring. While Android does a great job of contacts and some user data retention, it’s not a quick fix for things like videos and photos. PhoneTrans can offer users a better, more complete, option to move these cherished moments over to a new device.

There is one caveat to getting started. You must enable developer options and USB debugging for this process to work via USB. You can skip this and use a QR-code protocol to use wireless transfer if you want. However, I did find that the wired connection was predictably faster, but please remember USB debugging and dev options should be disabled immediately after you’re done for security purposes.

PhoneTrans supports up to 20,000 different devices currently available running Android. Chances are you own one of them and can take advantage.

Three methods of transfer

PhoneTrans offers a few different modes of data transfer. Phone Migrate, Phone Clone, and Phone Merge are all available. Let’s talk about each briefly.

Phone Migrate is a selective process that allows you total control of what’s brought over to the new device from the old. This includes personal data like photos, videos, and contacts. You can easily select all or none of these.

Phone Clone is a more nuclear option. This takes the entire data from your old phone and replaces everything on the new device with that information. There’s a glaring warning when you initiate this mode that it will wipe all data from the new phone. Again, PhoneTrans will move everything it possibly can like photos, video, apps, and contacts.

Phone Merge is a middle ground of the previous methods. This keeps the existing data on your new phone intact but moves all possible data points from your old handset. Much like merging folders and files on a Windows PC, PhoneTrans takes any new data not found to exist on the new phone copies it over from your old device.

How to get the job done?

This part is pretty simple. PhoneTrans does a great job of walking you through the process with pop-up menus and intuitive design in the desktop application. First, you’ll want to decide whether you want to move the data via cable or wirelessly. PhoneTrans gives you great visuals on how to do this with a QR setup or using a USB.

Once both devices are connected and recognized, then you will make a decision on which mode works best for your instance. Whether you choose to Migrate, Clone, or Merge, PhoneTrans presents you with each step and is very transparent on the available data that will be moved and the effect on the new device.

For me, this meant I wanted to Migrate my contacts, messages, call history, calendars, photos, and documents. You toggle all the options you want and then click Transfer Now. You can select everything or just one. Then, the magic of PhoneTrans goes to work.

A transfer will take some time and this will vary with each unique case, but I found it took around 10 minutes for my data to be synced over to my new phone. You get a nice blue progress bar to keep you updated on the progress and at the end, you get greeted with a splash screen of success.

Your PhoneTrans is now complete

That’s pretty much it. Afterward, all the data you wanted to be moved should be on your new device. Enjoy the seamless transition of these items that PhoneTrans offers. The company allows you a free download from its website https://www.imobie.com/phonetrans/ but it’s limited unless you opt for the full subscription.

The full option gives you all that we’ve discussed for data transfer: Migrate, Clone, and Merge. It also always you to backup and restore your phone for more assurance that you are never wanting for old data you may have lost. To purchase this upgrade you’ll want to head over to the PhoneTrans purchase page.

There are currently discounts on all the subscription models including $20-34 off the retail price. If you need further information you can also check out the article of how to transfer data from Android to Android.

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