Over the past decade, the cellphone, and, in more recent years, the smartphone has become something that every person cannot leave home without. Android smartphones are some of the best smartphones around. The many functions of an Android smartphone makes life more convenient and keeps people safe. Unfortunately, smartphones are locked to the original service provider the phone was purchased with. This is a very inconvenient reality for many reasons, but the main reason is this: It gives the user no option in what service provider they’d like to receive.

Carrier Unlocking an Android Smartphone

To get around this lock, you must carrier unlock your phone. Phones that are purchased from a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile example are locked to that carrier. For example: If you were to put an AT&T sim card into a T-Mobile to unlock Samsung phone, the device would not receive service immediately. This is inconvenient if, say, the service that AT&T was providing was substantially cheaper than T-Mobile.

Another example of how inconvenient carrier locking can be for the user, can be found when the user travels to another country. When you get to your destination, you should be able to buy a local SIM card, put into your smartphone, and it will work, right? Well, the answer is no, unless you’ve carrier unlocked your phone prior your departure. If the phone is unlocked, any carrier restrictions no longer apply, and the phone can be used on any operators of your choosing.

How to unlock your phone

Before you start the unlocking process, you need to know if the phone can be unlocked or not. If the phone was purchased under 2 year contract, and you’re still paying for it, you have what’s called a “postpaid” device. If you want to unlock that device you have to call your carrier to see if they can unlock it even under contract or you’ll have to wait until the contract is up or pay a third party service like Unlockauthority.com to do it for you at a small fees.

Most of the time, the device may require an unlock code to be carrier unlocked. This code can be provided to you by your service carrier if eligible or via third party service. Enter an unlock code when prompted is a common step in the carrier unlocking process. Unlocking your cellphone is the best way to use the device on the user’s carrier of choice.

You can find services online that will unlock your Android smartphone for you. Among the better third party services you can use to unlock phones is Unlockauthority.com as they provide lighting fast carrier unlocking services at a great value.

The service that UnlockAuthority provides is quick, easy, and reliable. Their cheap prices make unlocking your device a simple and affordable process that anybody could from the comfort of their own home. Unlocking your Android smartphone is the best way to have freedom in choosing what service provider you’d like to use.

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