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As so many of you know I’m seriously addicted to icons. I have been collecting them for years now and have been doing it long before smartphones came along. I’ve got a very large collection of icons of icon packs that you can use to customize your computer OS, and of course now a decent collection since I’ve been using Android.

With that being said, I find it important to share icon packs that I enjoy with each of you. However, I mainly share them with you to support the developers who make them. Those guys and girls put a ton of hours into their work and I feel it’s important that we support them. Sure, it can get expensive to do that if you’re like me who has well over 7,000 icon packs, but pack by pack it’s cheap. Spending a dollar or two to support a developer who does what they do is well worth it, and it only encourages them do it more. So if you can, pick up an icon pack or two out of this post and help support these folks.

That’s right, I’m going to show you some of the newest, hottest, most amazing icon packs in the Google Play Store today that you need to have installed on your mobile device. These icons packs will make your phone scream with pleasure and will get everyone asking; “What awesome icon pack is that you’re using?”

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I’m sure you’re ready for me to quit rambling and to show you all the good stuff. So without further delay, let me show you some awesome icons that I feel are worthy for each and everyone of you to purchase, download and install on your phone to make it look totally kick ass.


Cherry G Pro by Dion Fananie  Cherry G Icon Banner

I’ve always had a thing for icons that look like glass or have a distinctive shine/gloss to them and Cherry G Pro by Dion Fananie is just that. There’s a lot of work that has gone into this set of icons and it shows as you can see in the image above as well as in my screenshot.

Square icons with rounded corners also makes these icons look like drops of water almost. You get 550+ highly detailed icons and updates are pretty regular. With the purchase you also get a few HD wallpapers that you can choose from that go along with the name of the theme and such. Plus you get full dashboard support, ability to request icons for any of yours that may not be themed, and icon masking support so that your icons have the same basic look throughout the homescreen and the app drawer.

Cherry G Pro Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.pinknoze.cherryg.pro’ name=’Cherry G Pro Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Crapcons by Harshit Dwivedi

Crapcons Icon Banner

When I first heard the name Crapcons, like most everyone else I’m sure, I thought the worst. The worst as this being a set of icons that might be making fun of others or something along those lines. And to be honest, I never even really looked at them for quite some time. The name just kind of turned me off.

I kept seeing the name, over and over and finally decided to check them out. Much to my amazement, Crapcons by Harshit Dwivedi are a unique set of icons. They look like a young child was doodling and trying to draw icon apps. Now, this isn’t negative in any way. Actually, it’s something really cool and awesome. Almost reminds me of when my son was learning to draw. And since I can’t take his drawings and put them into icon format, Crapcons are as close as I can get.

Crapcons delivers 950+ icons, 10 HD wallpapers and much more. Needless to say, if you’re looking for something that’s totally different, take a look at Crapcons and pick your set up today via the widget below.

Crapcons Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.dagger.crapcons’ name=’Crapcons Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Ikkons by Jeppe Foldager

Ikkons Icon Banner

Jeppe Foldager has been around for a very long time and done some very exciting work during that time. One of his latest icon packs is the one you see above called Ikkons. These happen to be some of my favorite icons that Jeppe has ever made.

Ikkons is another squared set of icons with rounded corners. But it’s the background behind the app icon that really attracts me to this set. It’s a pixelated look which is different. But it initially reminds me of is when you defragment your hard drive, all those colored little blocks that appear is what it looks like these icons are doing. Definitely not something you see in other sets and as always, Jeppe has done a tremendous job on making them look right.

Ikkons Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’ikkons.icontheme.waveandanchor’ name=’Ikkons Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Pressable by Nick Dev

Pressable Icon Banner

Pressable icons are from a new developer that I just recently stumbled across, Nick Dev. He’s currently only got a couple of icon packs in the Play Store at the moment, but Pressable is one worth mentioning.

Round icons that appear to look like buttons that you can press, hence the name Pressable. Then throw in some unique colors for various apps and you’ve got a set of icons that look really nice on your homescreen and in your app drawer. What I really like about Pressable is the dark shadow around the bottom and the sides of the icons. This gives it a true Pressable look.

Then throw in the fact that you get a full dashboard with access to request icons for those of yours that may not be themed as of yet, a few wallpapers, all sorts of various launchers supported, and this instantly becomes a set you need to purchase. Worth mentioning is that if you aren’t so much into the bright colors of Pressable, Nick has a different variation of this set called Pressability. Definitely worth checking out if you want something with slightly less color.

Pressable Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.onepersonco.pressable’ name=’Pressable Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Radiance by Areeb Jamal

Radiance Icon Banner

This set of icons called Radiance by Areeb Jamal is really nice. Areeb has been around for a while and works with GFXDevs and has a couple of icon packs under his belt. Radiance is his newest release and in my opinion his best work to date.

Radiance as you see comes in as a flat looking icon set, but with slightly brighter colors than normal. The blues, greens and reds especially stand out from most shades of those colors that you see. Then throw in the same color outer ring except add a bit of transparency to it, and it gives the over icon a three layer look. Definitely something worth putting on any device you own and currently you get over 600 icons, full dashboard support as well as a few other good features. Throw in all the bright colors and icon masking support, and you’ve got a set that will make any device stand out among your friends.

Radiance Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’areeb.radiance.iconpack’ name=’Radiance Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Squircle by Greg Ives

Squircle Icon Banner

Squircle is a name that I had something pictured in my head for an icon set that looks like Crapcons that I mentioned above. Meaning, I thought Squircle would be icons with swirly type app icon images or something similar. However, that’s certainly not the case and Greg Ives using the name Squircle really catches your attention.

What you get with Squircle is a very detailed set of icons. You get squared icons with rounded corners. Then each icon has it’s own background color. Inside of that you have the app icon itself in a certain color or colors, and that is also the color used for the ring around the edges of the icons themselves. Throw in quite a bit of flatness along with the proper amount of the use of shadows and you’ve got a set that everyone must have on their device.

Squircle Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’grives.squircle.iconpack.donate’ name=’Squircle Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Zio by Shivmanas Dev

Zio Icon Banner

Shivmanas Dev is a developer I’ve been following for a while now. He does some awesome sets of flat icons with shadows that have really impressed me. Zio is his latest work and like his past stuff, it’s something I knew I had to have on my device the instant I saw it.

Zio offers up a very soft color palette, curved edges and a 3D look to the icons. Each icon, which there are over 1,400 custom icons included in this set, are very detailed in both the app icon as well as the background of the icons. While Zio does have rounded corners, the overall icon is a bit more square than most, and that is something that really helps make this pack stand out among others.

Zio Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’inn.shiv.theme.ezio_rr’ name=’Zio Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Refocus by Joshua Masih

Refocus Icon Banner
Refocus by Joshua Masih is a set that really sets standards in my opinion. What I mean by this is that he takes those icons that are used each and every day by the majority of us and really comes up with something new, something different and something quite unique.

When you apply the theme you instantly know that Refocus was in the works for quite some time. The icons are again squared icons with rounded corners. But what sets them apart is the fact that they have an edge around them to give them a 3D appearance, a slightly raised look if you will. With over 1,000 custom icons currently in the set, and 55 HD wallpapers, there’s no going wrong with this set. It might take you a bit of time to get used to the different looking icons for those that are very popular such as Hangouts, the Phone and others, but that’s exactly what makes Refocus something worth installing on every device you have in the house.

Refocus Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.xonyxltd.icon.focus’ name=’Refocus Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Vue by Darren Grimstead

Vue Icon Banner

The next developer, Darren Grimstead is one I’ve followed since he first started and I’ve seen him come a long way in his work. The Vue is his latest work and it’s something that will look completely different depending on the wallpaper you’re using on your device.

The Vue is a transparent set of icons, which is something he’s been doing a bit of for a couple of sets now. The Vue icons have a chrome looking ring around the outside of them that has no transparency so it remains the same regardless. Then you have the app icon in the center, and behind it is a transparent backing which is what really makes these icons have so many different looks. As you see in the image above, your icons can have pretty much any color you want them to have. Then if you look at my screenshot below, you see a bit better what they look like without much color behind them. Either way, an exceptional set of icons, more than 720 currently, as well as 25 super cool wallpapers for you to make these icons look any way you want them.

Vue Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.dazzler.thevue’ name=’Vue Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Aeon by Will Windham

Aeon Icon Banner

Aeon is a set of icons by the amazing Will Windham who has done a little bit of everything imaginable when it comes to the icon scene. Sometimes I often wonder how he can possibly come up with a new idea because of that. But as you see, Aeon is something considerably different than any other icon set out there today.

Aeon has a detailed tech ring around them, thought at first glance I thought it was barbwire around the edges. Each icon is done in various colors and the tech ring around the edges matches the color(s) of the app icon itself. Set on a dark background and with the use of vibrant, bright colors, Aeon is a really nice icon set that currently consists of 1,825 icons, 10 HD wallpapers and a slew of other features. If unique and unusual are your style, then Aeon is definitely for you.

Aeon Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’stealthychief.theme.aeon’ name=’Aeon Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Waterized by George Kaipalexis

Waterized Icon Banner

I’m usually not one who likes the “cutout” looking icons like you see above in the image for Waterized by George Kaipalexis. However, George has really set a standard here with this style of icon.

As you clearly see, Waterized gets its name from the simple fact that these icons look as if they are formed from water. Something that I’m sure wasn’t easy to accomplish, but something that George has done very well. And to not just have an icon masking effect, but to have each individual icon look as if it’s Waterized is amazing. Then throw in the fact that you get 2,250+ of these custom icons and that alone makes this set an instant buy. And let me not forget to mention that you get 10 HD wallpapers, full dashboard support and much more it’s a set that anyone and everyone needs to purchase today.

Waterized Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.waterized.iconpack’ name=’Waterized Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Parallax by Morgan C

Parallax Icon Banner

I just recently started following Morgan C not long ago due to a previous set of icons he made. Instantly I was seeing some really good stuff from him, and Parallax is a prime example of that.

What I like about Parallax is the attention in detail of making each and every icon have an extreme flat appearance. While there are many other flat icon packs out there, Parallax really seems to do it better than most. And of course Parallax has a long shadow effect, but the one thing I enjoy is that the shadow on Parallax is considerably lighter than most long shadow styled icons. And with over 1,700 custom made icons, 18 HD wallpapers, Muzei and Behang support, you just can’t go wrong with this icon set. It’s certainly a set of icons that will make your friends jealous when they see them on your homescreen as you show off that new device.

Parallax Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.romowtheme.parallax’ name=’Parallax Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Arus by Samer Zayer

Arus Icon Banner

Samer Zayer has done it once again. With his latest release of Arus, he has shown he can master the simple/basic looking icon, but that he can do it in style. He never ceases to amaze me with his work, even when it’s something not so vibrant, flashy, or whatever.

As you can see by the image above and below, Arus isn’t some flashy looking set of icons at all. In fact, they are indeed quite simple, quite basic as far as the background on each icon goes. Just a basic color to go along with the app icons color palette. But then you throw in the app icon itself, be it a nice white letter or image to represent the app, or something like you see with the Google Music All Access icon above. Something that Samer has really done well and seems to accomplish it in all of his work. With Arus you get over 1,300 icons, access to a ton of cloud based wallpapers and much, much more.

Arus Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.samerzayer.theme.arus’ name=’Arus Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Tang by Tim Austin

Tang Icon Banner

Break out the drink mix and let’s drink ourselves a glass of Tang, shall we? Ok wait, not exactly what’s happening here. Tang is actually the latest work from a great developer, Tim Austin. He recently released his latest CM 11 theme which was named Tang and because he does icon sets too, he decided to release a full blown set to match.

Tang as you see is of course a dark orange color. Not the same bright orange as the drink mix has for the logo or whatever, but that wasn’t really the idea here. Tang is a dark, burnt orange with some super dark long shadows. Normally when people try do such dark shadows, it usually doesn’t look all that well. But Tim nailed it here with Tang, the orange and the dark shadows. To me though, it often appears as if the app icon is streaking across the background, which is what really attracts me to this set. And to top it off, you get nearly 3,000 custom made icons in this set which makes it one of the larger sets of icons out there for you to enjoy.

Tang Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’theme.drumdestroyer.tang.launcher’ name=’Tang Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Final Thoughts

Please note that these are some of my favorite icon packs currently and ones that I suggest everyone take a close look at. One thing I do ask is that if you purchase any or all of these from the Play Store, please make sure to leave a few words of encouragement for the developer praising them on their hard work that they have put into making these icons and making our mobile devices so amazing looking.

Also don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t as they all certainly deserve it. If you have any issues, please hit the Email Developer button near the bottom of the Play Store listing and I can almost guarantee you that you’ll get a response from the developer and they will help you in any way they possibly can as they want to earn that 5-star rating from you.

This is something that’s very important and it only encourages them to continue doing what they are doing to make our devices that much more awesome in the near future.

Let us know in the comments what you think of any or all of these icons and if you have some you’d like for us to showcase, let us know that too and we will certainly take a look at them.

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