I’m an icon addict to the point of where I really need some serious intervention. But don’t call anyone quite yet, just let me present to you what I want to show off today, then decide if you want to make that call. That’s right, I’m going to show you some of the newest, hottest, most amazing icon packs in the Google Play Store today that you need to have installed on your mobile device. You can check out some of our older posts on this same subject here: Android Icons You Must Have as well as my first edition of this post from a couple of weeks ago here: Icon Packs You Must Have(Round One)

The good thing about the icon packs that I’m going to show you today is that they are so very simple to install and easy to set on your device. And when you do get them set on your device, they will theme your homescreen icons as well as all of your icons in your app drawer. That way everything looks nice, neat and uniform. Now, let’s get started with the first icon pack of several for the day.

OffCorner Round by OffCorner Dev

OffCorner Icon Banner

I’m a sucker for round icons and I think OffCorner Dev knows this because he first released OffCorner Icons in a square format. Then I mentioned how nice they were and that I’d love to see them in a round version, and a couple of days later, even though he was doing finals and such, he provided me with a beta APK. I instantly fell in love with icons as you can see, the icon image itself isn’t centered on the background like you see in most all other icon sets. Something unique and different, along with the flat/simple design.

With over 880 icons, a dashboard app and an icon request tool, you can’t go wrong for only $1.29. Updates are quite frequent as well, making OffCorner Round a must have icon pack for all icon addicts like myself!

OffCorner Round Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.OffCorner.icons.round’ name=’OffCorner Round Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

The1Lucent by The1Dynasty

The1Lucent Icon Banner

The1Lucent by The1Dynasty is something a bit different than what we’ve been seeing here as of late. It’s not a long shadow icon set and this is really nice to see Roberto do something totally original. Using no background behind the icon, this set really stands out, especially with the bright, vibrant colors he chose to use along the way for a lot of the icons. You won’t find another icon set similar to The1Lucent anywhere around town.

Priced at only $1.99, The1Lucent provides you with 750+ hand-crafted icons to make your homescreen and app drawer superb to all others. Plus you get several custom made wallpapers as well as full support for the Muzei Live Wallpaper app.

The1Lucent Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’icons.the1dynasty.lucent’ name=’The1Lucent Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

ChromeD&Dust by Dori Smith

ChromeD&Dust Icon Banner

ChromeD&Dust is definitely a little different, and it’s by someone new to making her own icons, finally! Dori Smith has been creating wallpapers and widgets for quite some time along with Darren Grimstead(LucasDev) but she has finally gone out on her own and this is her first icon pack.

The icons are transparent as you see, but with superb details in the actual app icons. Again, something you haven’t seen a lot of yet is the use of transparency, and I’m one who has a thing for transparency of any kind. Then add in the two chrome looking rings around the edges, and ChromeD&Dust is an instant winner in my book. Expect to see more of this style from her very soon.

ChromeD&Dust can be yours for just $1.55 and it will net you 600+ custom made icons as well as the icon masking feature so all icons match. Plus you will have access to quite a few wallpapers that are now included in the app as of the update just a day or two ago.

ChromeD&Dust Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.dori.chromeddust’ name=’ChromeD&Dust Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Portal by LucasDev

Portal Icon Banner

I just mentioned Darren Grimstead above as to be the one who got Dori out on her own, but Darren is a well established icon pack maker himself. He’s got a ton of packs on the Play Store currently and always producing more. His latest is Portal, and I know what you’re thinking; very similar to C&D above. While that’s true, there are some differences.

First major difference is the outer ring around the icons. While C&D has the double chrome ring, Portal only has the one. Plus the transparency of icons is slightly different on many of the icons, as well as the actual app icon itself.

For just $1.49 you will get 550+ custom made icons, full dashboard support and 20+ wallpapers as well. I can also tell you that Darren is constantly updating his icon packs, so that’s something to look forward to as well. And as mentioned above, stay tuned for more of the transparency look as Darren tells me there’s going to be several styles coming soon with the transparency affect.

Portal Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.dazzler.portal’ name=’Portal Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Cosido by GadgetMiner Designs

Cosido Icon Banner

Now time for something totally different, especially compared to the types of icons I normally show you. Cosido is an icon pack by yet another new developer, GadgetMiner Designs. Cosido is a square icon set with rounded corners, a double stitching effect around the edges and a white leather/crumpled paper like background. Something different but very nice as it’s what really makes these icons stand out.

With this being Jubin’s first icon pack, he doesn’t state how many icons are included in the set. However, the pack does use the icon masking feature, but best of all, the pack is 100% FREE! Hard deal to pass up if you ask me!

Cosido Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.cosido_white.icons’ name=’Cosido Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

DOT by ThaPhlash

DOT Icon Banner

Here’s someone that’s quite famous when it comes to icons, ThaPhlash, and he’s back with his second icon pack on the Play Store. I presented his first icon pack, KEX about a month ago here on the site.

DOT includes over 1,000 custom made icons from the master himself. The one thing that ThaPhlash has brought to his icon packs, are the dynamic icons for things like your calendar apps. What this means is that your calendar icon will actually show the current date of the month instead of a static image.

You can pick up the DOT icon pack for just $1.99 from the widget below. And let me tell you, being from the master of icons, you will not be disappointed in any way possible as DOT is definitely spot on.

DOT Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’DOT Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Veronica by Squared Lab

Veronica Icon Banner

Veronica icon pack is something a bit simple, yet clean and very attractive looking. It’s also from a developer I hadn’t ever heard of, Squared Labs, until they contacted me asking me to review their work. Veronica is yet another squared icon with rounded corners, and the coloring is what sets them apart. As you see, you get different shades of standard colors that you normally don’t see, and that’s exactly what I like about these icons.

The Veronica icon pack currently consists of 550+ custom made icons, a full dashboard as well as cloud-based support for wallpapers. You get all of this for just $1.34 plus you’ll also get dynamic calendar icon support and the ability to request icons that may not be themed, and then you will probably see them in an upcoming update.

Veronica Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.squaredlab.veronica’ name=’Veronica Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Nytrae Icons by Lizandro Flores

Nytrae Icon BannerNytrae icons by Lizandro Flores are one of those icon packs that I keep going back to over and over again. The seven sided polygon shape is just something you don’t normally see. Then throw in the fact that there’s actually a polygon inside the polygon and each one has their own background, this really sets the icon off, big time.

Nytrae currently comes with 600+ custom made icons as well as the icon masking feature as well as 13 custom made wallpapers. You can also find more wallpapers via the sets Drive support as well as the ability to request icons for any of those that aren’t themed currently. All of this for just $1.16 making it something you certainly should scoop up today.

Nytrae Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’nytrae.full’ name=’Nytrae Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Retro UI by InnPixel Designs

Retro UI Icon BannerRetro UI by InnPixel Designs is another one of my all time favorite icon packs. The grunge looking round icons are ones that I fall back to on a very regular basis. These icons are highly customized in a lot of ways and the actual icons themselves aren’t similar to a lot of others you will find. Each icon also has the lightly colored ring around the edge to really give it a great overall look.

What you get for $1.49 is 955+ custom made HD icons and 14 HD wallpapers made by hand. Picking up this pack from the Play Store would be something you too would find yourself enjoying immensely and definitely worth the buck and a half that you’d spend on them.

Retro UI Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.launcher.theme.shiv.retroui’ name=’Retro UI Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Empire by DrumDestroyer

Empire Icon Banner

Last, but certainly not least is Empire by DrumDestroyer, who dabbles in both icon packs and theme chooser themes. However, it seems with Empire he’s really found a sweet spot in the icon community. These dark, squared with rounded corner icons are fantastic looking on most any screen or wallpaper.

With unique colors for the actual app icons, against the dark background you can’t mistake what app is what. It’s truly nice to see different colors for apps like Tim has used. And you get this set for .99 cents, and it’ll get you 1,000+ custom made icons, 53+ wallpapers with full Muzei support, a dashboard and icon request tool. All of that for just under a dollar!

Empire Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’theme.drumdestroyer.empire.launcher’ name=’Empire Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Final Thoughts

Please note that these are some of my favorite icon packs currently and ones that I suggest everyone take a close look at. One thing I do ask is that if you purchase any or all of these from the Play Store, please make sure to leave a few words of encouragement for the developer praising them on their hard work that they have put into making these icons and making our mobile devices so amazing looking.

Also don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t as they all certainly deserve it. If you have any issues, please hit the Email Developer button near the bottom of the Play Store listing and I can almost guarantee you that you’ll get a response from the developer and they will help you in any way they possibly can as they want to earn that 5-star rating from you.

This is something that’s very important and it only encourages them to continue doing what they are doing to make our devices that much more awesome in the near future.

Let us know in the comments what you think of any or all of these icons and if you have some you’d like for us to showcase, let us know that too and we will certainly take a look at them.

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