Yeah I’m a scientist. It is cool to be a geek these days and you can express your pride by using one of these images as your wallpaper. The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad and Doctor Who are some of our favorite shows around here and are proof geeks have taken to mainstream.

We’ve curated 35 super cool looking HD wallpapers for you to use as your display on your smartphone or tablet. Check them out.


If you see a wallpaper that belongs to you and you would like to receive credit, I would love to give it to you! Just drop a comment in the section provided below with some proof (You know, just so we don’t have people claiming things that are not theirs…) So, please choose those that you like and enjoy!


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  1. This pisses me off, not necessarily the wallpapers because they’re pretty good, but why all of a sudden, geek is cool. When I was younger I was considered a wierdo because I liked video games and Star Wars and fantasy, but all of a sudden, people decided to hop into the geek culture, like a sports team bandwagon. We were considered outcasts, just look at the damn definition of ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ and you’ll see what we were considered, but now celebrities and the like have created “geek chic”. It’s bullshit if you ask me. I was messed with all the time about my geeky interests, but now people are jumping on the bandwagon. I should be grateful and happy, but it just annoys me how the people who tormented geeks and nerds are now being fucking hypocrites by trying to act like us, dress like us, and show “interest” in the things we’ve held dear forever. Celebrities need to go back to being hipsters and shit and leave their fake geeky ways to the real geeks. I don’t want to hear all of the “I’ve loved Star Wars and comic books all my life”, and either that’s true, or you’re a fraud who wants to look good, in which I see through your bullshit and don’t wanna hear how geeky you think you are.

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