You might not realize it, but you need a second phone line for your mobile device. We can think of a number of reasons for you to consider getting one. Maybe you’ve been buying and selling items online in venues such as Craigslist. Or, perhaps you need to keep work and personal lines separate from one another.

Other reasons for a second phone line could include:

  • A throwaway number to use for signing up on websites and order forms
  • Profiles for websites like Tinder or Airbnb
  • A secondary line for specific contacts
  • A burner line because… well, we don’t wanna know

Maybe you already knew you wanted or needed a second line, but thought that it would be expensive or a pain in the butt. Not at all. We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for and it’s dirt cheap, too.

Ottawa-based Hushed App understands as well as anyone that there are real needs and concerns when it comes to phone numbers. Not everyone wants to give out their cell phone for things today, especially when it’s often our only line of communication. It’s a slippery slope to unwanted calls and unsolicited text messages.

Hushed has been in the game of secondary phone lines for some time now and has amassed some 6 million installs across Android and iOS. Moreover, there are well over a half-million active monthly users taking advantage of a second line.

It’s not just the phone number itself which makes Hushed compelling. In addition to calls, an account through Hushed also includes SMS, MMS, call forwarding, customized voice mail, and integration with Slack, Dropbox, and more. In other words, you can configure it to do all sorts of great things.

But, wait, I already have a free app for texting. What’s the difference? Indeed, while there are other free texting apps available in the Play Store, Hushed is a premium app that offers more features and comes with a better design and user interface. It’s like the Cadillac of Privacy Apps.

There are a number of plans available through Hushed, but one of the most popular one is the NORTH AMERICA 365 option. Priced at $29.99 per month, it gives users 1100 SMS and 500 minutes to use over the course of a year.  Well, that and all of the extras listed above.

$25 for a Lifetime Plan!

AndroidGuys readers, however, can save a ton of money on a lifetime account. We’re able to offer you the goods for a one-time cost of $25. That’s it. No renewal costs, no extra charges down the road.

How does it work? Simple! Use the promo code ANDROIDGUYS25 and click on this link. From there you will create an account and pay the one-time fee and download the app to your Android or iOS device. After that it’s just a matter of picking a number, creating passwords, and customizing the experience.

Exclusive offer for AndroidGuys readers features:

  • Add a second phone number to your smartphone
  • Send and receive phone calls and text messages to your private Hushed number without purchasing a secondary device.
  • Your Hushed number never expires
  • Receive 500 MIN / 1100 SMS every year for LIFE (FOR FREE)
  • Full Call / SMS features
  • Call forwarding / Voicemail
  • Hushed messaging allows you to send destructible messages & pictures to fellow Hushed users
  • Your Hushed Account can be accessed on different cell phones
  • Only requires an email address to sign up allowing for immediate use

What’s the fine print?

As you might suspect, there are a few details worth pointing out. Here’s what you should know about our exclusive offer.

  • Use the number once every six months to keep it active
  • After 365 days, your credits reset and you receive 500 MIN/1100 SMS
  • Phone number may be changed once a year
  • Add more minutes or SMS credits to your account at any time
  • This offer is valid only for US and Canadian numbers.

Other excellent features!

  • Full access to your phone contact list from your second number (but your caller ID won’t show your real number)
  • Free messages between Hushed users.
  • Activate “Hushed mode” and all your texts, pics and videos are erased!
  • Choose a new number from more than 40 countries.
  • Fully customizable voicemail with personalized greeting.
  • Sharable Hushed PINs for secure, one-time, private conversations.
  • Anonymous texting, pictures or videos
  • Slack integration allows you to send texts directly from Slack.
  • Set up super useful Auto-replies: a general response feature that can look for specific keywords to automate text message replies. Great for Airbnb business phone numbers!
  • Sync with Dropbox to store texts, voicemails and pictures.

Get started right now!

Click here to take advantage of this exclusive Hushed lifetime offer for $25 USD using promo code ANDROIDGUYS25, while it’s still available.

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