Precious, precious data. If you’re like most smartphone users, you can never have enough. Thankfully, there are some pretty easy ways to monitor and stop your data usage to stop you from those nasty overage fees.

KEEP IN MIND: Not all Android phones are the same. Some will have more steps required to complete each task, others will have less. At AndroidGuys, we will do our best to walk you through each task as well as we can.

Stopping data usage

Data usage 2

Stopping data usage on Android devices is actually pretty easy. Navigate to your settings menu and find “Data usage”. Click that, and you’ll be sent to the data usage menu. You’ll see an on/off switch next to where it reads Mobile Data. When mobile data is turned off, you cannot connect to the internet, get notifications from social networks, or receive picture messages. Once you turn mobile data back on, all of your notifications will come flooding to your phone.

Data usage options

Data usage 3

There are some other options regarding the consumption of data. In the Data Usage settings menu, click the Options button (three vertical dots). There will be a menu with some other data settings. From here, you can enable data roaming, restrict background data, auto-sync data, show Wi-Fi usage, and get help with mobile hotspots.

You should also notice a grid with an orange line going across. This signifies the mobile data limit that you allow for your device to consume. Move it up or down, depending on how much you’d like your phone to consume per month. Above the grid is a checkbox that reads “Set mobile data limit”. If this box is checked, your phone will not be able to use any mobile data after it crosses the orange bar on the graph.

If the box is unchecked, your phone will simply give you a notice that you’ve gone over, but won’t actually turn off the mobile data for you.

Monitoring data usage

Data Usage 1

You also have the option to monitor how much data a single app is consuming. in the Data Usage menu, scroll down to the list of apps. This will show you how much data is being used by each application. If you’d like some more information, click on an app and view the information it gives you. The text under the data grid will give you the information you need.

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