Must-have accessories for Pokemon GO players

Chances are that you or someone you know likely spent some time over the weekend capturing various Pokemon. Yes, literal overnight smash hit, Pokemon GO, has people of all ages walking around with their phones, catching Pokemon in the real world.

If you’ve not done it yourself you’ll likely be interested enough in the next few days to give it a shot. Before you, do, though, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped to spend a few hours out in the wild. And, for those of you who already have their phones out, searching, you know how handy some of these accessories will be.

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus


It’s definitely not something you need to play the game, but it sure does make things easier. The Go Plus is a Bluetooth accessory which pairs to your phone and does some of the mundane stuff for you.

If for no other reason, snag one of these to collect Poke Balls, Berries, Pokemon Eggs and other stuff at PokeStop locations… all without having to look at your phone. Wear it on your wrist or clip it to your backpack or jacket and be ready.

Unfortunately, catching one of these is just as hard as finding a Snorlax. Sold out everywhere, you might have to resort to eBay if you really need this one in your arsenal.

Extra Battery

Without power, you’re no good. And that means that your friends are catching and evolving Pokemon while you run home to plug back into a wall. Save yourself the hassle and grab some extra juice. Battery life is the single most important thing you’ll need when getting out there.

There are plenty of options to choose from, sold at a variety of outlets. Our recommendation is to purchase one that gives your phone at least 2-3 more charges. This way, you can top off your smartphone and still have extra in case the gaming goes long.

Here are a few models and retailers to help you get started.

Other Mobile Accessories

You do have a case protecting your phone, right? No?! What will you do when you drop that handset in the middle of a battle? Surely, you want to wrap that beloved Android in something.

Head to one of the retail outlets below and snag yourself a case as soon as possible. Heck, some of them even come with external power supplies built into them! To help you out, we’ve already linked to the category.


Laugh all you want, but we also recommend a selfie stick for your Pokemon GO sessions. Why? Because we are willing to bet you’ll run into some other players while you’re out and about. What better way to document the occasion than snapping a group photo?


Show your love for Pokemon by picking up an officially licensed shirt or hat. This way everyone on the block knows which Pokemon you’re backing. Now, go post up next to a gym and wait for someone to come battle you.

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