Galaxy S20 ultra

Samsung officially launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, along with its other flagship devices including the S20, S20 Plus, and the foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event held on Tuesday, the 11th of February.

All the devices would go on sale from March 6th and while at first glance they look pretty similar to the predecessors, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is actually packed with a ton of new features and innovative updates that sets it apart from the previous generations of flagships from Samsung.

So, if you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or pre-book it from your favorite retailer, you might want to take a look at this list of top 8 features and updates of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that might help you in making your decision easier.

Top 8 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features and updates

120Hz refresh rate display

The display is arguably the most important thing on a flagship device and especially when you are paying more than $1000 you would expect the best possible display in your Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung does not fail to meet your expectations as for the first time in its flagships Samsung is bringing in the 120Hz high refresh rate display to all the flagships launched in the event except the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Display in the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a massive 6.9-inch QHD+ panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch-sensing rate. This means that not only the games you plan on your device would be smoother and more fluid, the general performance of the device such as scrolling, opening apps or switching between apps would also be more smooth and responsive.

108MP main camera sensor

Samsung sure took a major leap in the camera hardware of the S20 Ultra as it has an insane 108MP main camera sensor as opposed to the 12MP camera found in Galaxy flagships from last year. This is by far the biggest camera sensor Samsung has ever installed in one of their flagships, or in any Flagship device currently in the market. This 108MP camera sensor would help you to capture pictures with great detail and would also preserve the same amount of detail even if you zoom or crop your images several times.

Galaxy S20 ultra

The sensor is also expected to perform well in ultra low light conditions as the image sensor is 3 times bigger than the one found in the S10 series and would probably set new standards for low light photography. The S20 Ultra can also record videos up to 8K resolution and you can take a screengrab of the video after recording which would be an equivalent of a 33MP image. The Galaxy S20 Ultra also comes with a 40MP selfie camera, which is also the largest camera sensor Samsung has installed in any of its devices.

Single take mode

The Single take mode is a software-based feature and is introduced in all the new S20 variants including the S20 Ultra. The single take is a shooting mode where when you press the shutter button to capture a scene using your phone, your device would then start capturing both photos and videos for the next 10 seconds.

The best part about this feature is that you do not need a tripod or to stay still while using this mode and you would still get the best possible result. After the 10 seconds of capturing, your device will save multiple variants of the scene including ultra-wide, portrait, images with filters, slow-motion videos, boomerang videos and also the original photo and video. The single-take mode would really be useful if you don’t want to spend additional time processing your images or videos or applying filters, after capturing them.

Galaxy S20 ultra

100X Digital Zoom

The S20 Ultra also has a 48MP telephoto lens that is capable of zooming up to 100X, which is 10 times more than the 10X digital zoom found in Samsung’s previous generation flagships. The camera also supports 10X optical zoom which is again 5 times more than the 2X optical zoom found in the S10 series.

16 GB of RAM

While the base variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a 12GB of RAM, you can buy an upgraded version of the device which has up to 16GB of RAM which is more than most laptops and desktops out there. While this amount of RAM sounds like overkill for a smartphone, it can actually come across as useful in the S20 Ultra as the device is capable of recording and processing videos up to 8K Resolution, and also a 120Hz high refresh rate display which might also require more processing power when playing graphic-intensive games that support the 120Hz refresh rate.

This amount of RAM will also be useful when you want to multitask on your device and with Samsung’s version of Android, the OneUI having great multi-tasking features like split windows, multi-windows and floating windows, Multitasking with several apps open at once and even switching back and forth between several apps would be a breeze when you have 16GB of RAM and a massive 6.9-inch screen that is perfect for multi-tasking.

Super steady Optical Image Stabilization mode

The super steady OIS mode is introduced in all the S20 variants including the S20 Ultra. This mode essentially allows you to capture highly stable and blur-free videos even when you are shaking your device or capturing a video while constantly moving. Samsung’s AI and something called an anti-rolling stabilizer along with the larger image sensor helps you to capture an action camera level video with your S20 series devices.

5000mAh battery

To be able to power the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a massive 6.9-inch QuadHD+ display with 120Hz refresh rate, 16GB of RAM and the powerful Snapdragon 865 processor, Samsung has also included a humongous 5000mAh battery with the S20 Ultra. While the capacity of the battery might seem insane on paper, considering the other aspects of the device it seems reasonable and might just be enough to power the device for a day or two.

45W Fast charging

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports 45W super-fast charging out of the box and even with the massive 5000mAh, with fast charging you would be able to charge your device from 0 to 100 in little over an hour. The device also supports 15W wireless and reverse wireless charging. However, the charger that is included in the box will only support 25W charging and you need to buy a 45W charger separately if you want to experience the super-fast charging time.

5G support

All the Galaxy S20 variants will support 5G connectivity and while many US carriers are still in the process of establishing and expanding their 5G networks, it is good to know that your device will support that technology once it becomes mainstream in the future.

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