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Android phones and tablets come in many shapes and sizes, with different versions of software powering things. And while the default build of Android, commonly referred to as “stock” continues to gain traction, some device makers opt for their own user interface (UI) or user experience (UE).

Take, for instance, Samsung and the software it uses for handsets like the Galaxy S20. Having gone through multiple names and iterations over the years, its One UI powers many of its phones.

What is One UI?

In short, One UI is the software that runs on your Samsung phone or tablet. It is a so-called skin over Android that implements features and UI elements not present in stock Android. That is to really say it offers many features and branded customizations on top of the standard Android experience.

Peeling that onion back a layer, Samsung has an app or tool for its devices called Good Lock.

What is Samsung Good Lock?

Good Lock is a modular suite of apps that can customize various elements of the UI, including the so-called “Unit” apps and the “Family” apps, which are listed below with their descriptions.

Good Lock has been around since 2016 and has been updated yearly since then. It more or less offers a whole new layer of customization on top of One UI, embodied by the app’s tagline “Redesign your Galaxy.” Think of it has like a custom ROM experience without the hassle of rooting or messing around.

How do you install Good Lock and its different Units?

Good Lock main screen
Good Lock Main screen

You can install Good Lock here and once you’re within the app, you can click on the name of the Unit to install it. To go into the Unit once it’s installed, once again click on the name of the Unit. You’ll know whether or not a Unit is installed by the icon next to it, with not installed Units having a download icon next to them.

Good Lock Unit Apps

  • Lockstar – Create new Lockscreen style
  • QuickStar – Customize your special Quickpanel
  • ClockFace – Pick a clock style you like!
  • MultiStar – Enjoy enhanced Multiwindow experience
  • NavStar – Create your own navigation bar
  • Home Up – Enjoy enhanced One UI Home Experience
  • NotiStar – Notistar is new notification management service
  • Routines+ – Add advanced features to Bixby Routines so you can make more powerful routines

Family Apps

  • Keys CafĂ© – Set up a keyboard that’s tailored to you
  • Pentastic – Add your uniqueness to S pen with Pentastic!
  • Wonderland – Create a moving wallpaper
  • Theme Park – Theme Park is a service to create a theme and install it quickly and easily
  • Nice Catch – Got tired of mysterious vibration on your phone?
  • One Hand Operation+ – Control your phone or tablet more easily with just one hand
  • EdgeTouch – Prevent unintended operation by setting restriction on the edge of your Galaxy
  • Sound Assistant – Advanced sound utility for your Galaxy

What Good Locks Units stand out the most?


Good Lock MultiStar Unit

MultiStar, as mentioned above, is dedicated to the Multi-window experience. I think one of the most standout features for more is the first one, “Quick launch of the Multi window”, which makes it so that the Recents key launches your multi-window mode. This is actually a feature I lost moving from my Note 10+ to my Galaxy S21 Ultra, so getting it back is a very pleasant experience. Multi Focus is also an interesting concept, and this can make multitasking much easier because you can switch between apps quickly and easily.

Home Up

Good Lock Home Up Unit
Home Up Main screen

Home Up, despite the name, isn’t dedicated to just your home screen. It also has two particularly interesting components in it: Share Manager and Task Changer.

Share Manager

Good Lock Share Manager Unit
Share Manager

Within the Share Manager Unit, you can change up how the menu looks when you share things, including turning parts off to make it appear smaller on the screen. You can also add Favorites to your Direct Share, the bit that appears at the very top of your share menu.

Task Changer

Good Lock Task Changer Unit
Task Changer

The Task Changer Unit can change the layout of your Recents Menu and turn on and off certain components. Each layout type brings some different options that you’ll have to explore, but my personal favorite layout is the grid. It makes your Recents easier to see all at once.


Good Lock Sound Assistant Unit
Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant has actually been around for quite a while before it was part of the Good Lock family. You can theme your volume panel, control individual app volume, increase volume steps (which is good if you have trouble finding a middle ground in your volume), and much more.


Good Lock QuickStar Unit

QuickStar can change your Quick Panel and your notification bar, including the ability to change where you swipe to open the Quick Panel directly, remove icons from your notification bar, and style your Quick Panel (I’ll touch on this in the future when I cover Theme Park more in-depth).

Parting Thoughts

Obviously, this is only the tip of the iceberg with Good Lock, which offers many more units and a world of customization. Regardless of which units you decide to install and configure, Good Lock can truly Redesign your Galaxy.

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