Setting up an Android Spy App is as easy as using it (How to)

There are many firsts in life, for example, first love, first job, first pay, etc. Is it your first time in spying?

Suspicion and uncertainty can make you restless. To avoid constant nagging, you need to be sure of certain things in order to make an informed decision about them. Whether it’s your kids, spouses or your employees, you need to have the right skills to handle an Android spy app to monitor the activities of your respective target.

Though it may all sound like a technical task requiring a lot of intelligence and ability to have a know-how in technology but things are not as complicated as they may seem. Let’s have a look at how a cell phone tracking software, can be set up for spying.

Prepare Well for Spying

samsung_trioWhat I’ve seen is, when people rush into installing a spy app, they often tend to make mistakes. If this is your first time installing an app, make sure you don’t slip up. First things first, physical access of the target phone is mandatory when you want to install a spy app in their phone. You must choose an app that is compatible with the target device. I would suggest XNSPY, since it is both, an iOS as well as Android spy app.

Install the Software


For XNSPY, the installation process takes about 3-5minutes and the process is quite easy. Here are the steps which you must follow if you want a quick set-up for installation.

  • To begin spying, visit the page,
  • Enter your login details including your email address and password.
  • Once you’re logged in, a page will appear from where you can select the target device which you want to monitor. You can monitor as many devices as you want through a single login.
  • Once you do that, xnspy dashboard page will appear.
  • On the left-side of this panel is the list of activities that you can monitor. Select any of the options you want to monitor and there you are.

Dashboard Monitoring

Once you’ve signed up for an account with xnspy, all other activities are really easy. You can make necessary settings on the dashboard and begin receiving online reports about your target. XNSPY has a bold layout with six remote control settings. These settings include Toggle features, Toggle alerts, Add watchlist words, Add watchlist contacts, Add watchlist locations, and Edit device profile. You need to make the settings wisely as the Android spy app will respond accordingly in functionality.


All the information that you want to consume about your target can be received by various features of a spy app. if you want to access any details, click on each and every feature and find out about your target.

Phone call logs


This includes a lot of information that is present in the target phone. You can view the call log which gives the number of outgoing/incoming calls, call duration, contact number, and, date and time stamp. The location of the caller can be viewed and there’s also an option to record the call. You can also view the contact list and watch-list the name of a specific contact if you want to.

Text messages


You can also read the entire text message conversation including the conversation thread. Along with the content, message sender’s name, his contact number, date and time stamp, and geo-tags are available.

Internet history


You can monitor all the browsed content of your target. All the websites your target has browsed are visible and the number of times those sites are visited is also stated. You can actually click on that website and see for yourself what your target has been viewing online. You can also see the bookmarks saved by your target.


This includes all the chats conversation between your target and their contacts on different platforms. Some of the chat platforms that can be monitored by XNSPY include Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Facebook, and Tinder. You have the option to watch-list words if you want.



You can track your target through his GPS location. The exact location address will be given along with the real date and time stamp. You can view the location in the map. Through geo-fencing you can create a virtual barricade for your target and watch-list specific locations to receive alerts.

Multimedia files

You can view multimedia files saved in the target phone or shared on IM chats. If there are any voice recordings shared, you can hear them too.

Call and surround recordings


The best thing about XNSPY is that you can record phone calls and listen to them later at any time. These files are available in a particular format which can later be downloaded. Not only this, you can also record surroundings of your target to learn about the in-room conversation taking place near your target.


There are slight differences in the installation procedure of different apps. For a novice, using a spy app can seem like a complicated task but as you go through with each step, you’ll find out that it is in fact quite easy to accomplish. The trick is to have a smart start with the process and staying calm and confident till you’re done. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll become a pro.

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