LG’s V series of phones is always one of the most impressive phones of the year. If you’re lucky enough to have gotten one recently you’ll want to be certain you’re taking full advantage of it. Take a look at these quick tips and tricks for your new LG V40 ThinQ.

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Enable the App Drawer

By default, you’re not going to have an app drawer on the LG V40 ThinQ and for many of us, that’s a problem. Fortunately, it won’t be too difficult to get the app drawer back and you won’t even need to switch launchers to do so.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Home screen
  • Select Home
  • Home with separate apps list

Hide the Notch

If you’re like me, you find the notch to be an abomination and thankfully it can be hidden or customized. LG provides a way to do this within the settings but there is also an app called Nacho Notch in the app store that does a better job of it. The LG method in the settings will sometimes stop hiding the notch while Nacho Notch is persistent almost everywhere.

I would recommend checking the settings of Nacho Notch to remove the bottom overlay on the navigation keys though. Below is how you can access the notch settings on the V40 and follow the link to Nacho Notch for a better alternative.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • New Second Screen

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Enable Dark Mode

Darker themes save battery life but can also be easier on the eyes. Although maybe like me, you just think it looks better. Regardless of the reason, this is a quick and easy way to get a dark theme on your new LG V40 ThinQ.

  • Open Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Vision
  • High contrast screen

Customize the Navigation Bar

Whether you prefer rearranging the buttons on your navigation bar or you want to add new buttons, LG provides you with this option. My favorite customization is to add the drop-down button for the notification tray. It makes using the phone one-handed much easier and gives a quick way to access your notifications.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Home touch buttons
  • Button combination

Enable HDR Video Effect

Enabling the HDR effect will increase brightness and color saturation for full-screen videos. The HDR effect will be something similar to when you take HDR photos using the camera. However, it won’t work with all apps, but it doesn’t hurt to have it turned on.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • HDR video effect

Turn on DTS:X

While you’re enhancing your videos you might as well enhance the sound as well. Turning on the DTS:X effect will add new dimensions to your music and videos. There are multiple settings so be sure to try them all and customize the sound to your liking. Unfortunately, this only works for external audio sources such as wired or wireless headphones and speakers.

  • Open Settings
  • Sound
  • Sound quality and effects
  • DTS:X 3D Surround

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Get More Themes

LG gives you access to a variety of themes to customize the look of your phone. By default, you’ll only have access to two. However, by installing LG’s Smart World app it opens up a whole new world of themes. All you need to do is open the LG Smart World site, download the APK, and install it on your LGV40.

Enable Weather Animations

This is a small touch that I always enjoyed on LG phones. It doesn’t do much to enhance the experience but it sure is a nice piece of eye candy. With weather animations enabled you’ll see weather conditions on your lock screen. For example, water dripping down on a rainy day.

  • Open Settings
  • Lock screen & security
  • Customize Lock screen
  • Weather animation

Turn on the Floating Bar

In the past, LG included a secondary screen at the top of the V series phones with shortcuts. The Floating Bar was LG’s software solution to the secondary screen that used to be part of the V series. By using software to give access to customizable shortcuts it actually became much more useful. Not only did you have access to all the same controls but it was easier to reach.

In order to make it more useful, you can customize the shortcuts and enable more features. Make sure to explore all the settings here to make the most of the Floating Bar on your LG V40.

  • Open Settings
  • Extensions
  • Floating Bar

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Enable Mini View

Phones keep growing in size every year and using them with one hand can become quite the challenge. Thankfully, some of them provide features to help. On the LG V40 Mini view is that feature. With Mini view enabled a quick swipe of the navigation keys will minimize your screen making everything easier to reach. While another swipe will expand it to full view again.

  • Open Settings
  • Display
  • Mini view

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