Pushbullet is an iOS and Android application that allows extensive connectivity between any of your devices, whether that be smartphone to tablet, smartphone to laptop, laptop to tablet, and so on. Through Pushbullet, you can send pictures, links, street addresses, notes and other files between any devices that also have the app.

For example, you take a really awesome photo on your phone that you want to quickly send to your laptop. Or maybe you’re reading a web article on your desktop when you suddenly need to leave, and decide to “push” that web address to your smartphone to read on the go. Another great feature of Pushbullet is the ability to mirror notifications from your smartphone to your desktop so you can see alerts from your phone without having it nearby, and then also have the ability to interact with them all from your desktop. Sound pretty cool? It’s very easy, and I’ll explain how to do all of it.

The first step is creating a Pushbullet account on their webpage here

Then, install Pushbullet here at the Google Play Store. To actually use Pushbullet, you’re going to want another device to actually “push” items to.

So, on your desktop computer using a compatible web browser that supports plugins, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari and go to the Pushbullet extension page which you can click here for Firefox or here for Chrome.

Download the extension and a Pushbullet icon will be added to the top of your browser. This extension is used for pushing items such as links, pictures, etc. from your desktop browser to any of your other devices.

You’re just about ready to go! You can add devices to “push” to in the Android app or on your web browser.

Once you do that, you’re all set to go. To enable “Notification Forwarding” to your desktop, you’ll see the option in the slide out menu on the left side of the app. This requires a certain permission from your phone’s settings to enable this. Once you do, you can not only see text messages from your desktop screen, but you can reply to them or dismiss them as well right from Windows or Mac. This is just a side feature of Pushbullet, however. Let’s check out what you can “push” and how to do it.


When tapping the “+” button, you are given the options of pushing a note, link, photo or file.



Pushing a note can easily share a quick message between devices with Pushbullet. I chose to share the above message with “all of my devices”.



Pushing a link can be very useful when you’d rather view a certain webpage on another device at a different time. This can also be done from your desktop browser by clicking the Pushbullet icon at the top, choosing the device you want to “push” to and selecting “Link”, where you can then paste the web address.



This is where you can “push” pictures to devices. You can also do this from your photo gallery by tapping the share button on the photo you want to share, and select “A new push”. A window will then pop-up allowing you to push to any of your devices.

The same process can be used for pushing files too.

Hopefully this quick quide has helped you understand a little bit about Pushbullet and how it can help you quickly share between all of your devices!

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  1. Well…..I just attempted to install this thing on my Samsung Galaxy S4, but the app does NOT recognize my phone. It only sees an older phone I used to have and my LG tablet. Umm…..a lot of good that does me since I don’t have the old phone and I haven’t used that tablet in probably 4 months or so. It gets used about 4 or 5 times a year.

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