After a rough year, Samsung is doing what they can to remind consumers why they believe to be the manufacturer of choice. Their arguments, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, has certainly done pretty well to impress reveiwers that Samsung still has what it takes. However, this presents another question: should you get the regular S6, or the S6 Edge? Lets take a look at the differences.

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[df-subtitle]Galaxy S6 Edge unique features[/df-subtitle]

First and foremost, it makes sense to describe how the Galaxy S6 Edge is different from the regular S6. The S6 Edge (pictured above) has tapered glass going off either side of the phone, so that it is curved downward. First presented in the Galaxy Note Edge, this helps provide some unique features Samsung thinks make a unique smartphone experience.

First, while you have the screen on, you can swipe over the edge to display your favorite contacts, and then interact with them. This will display any missed notifications you have from them, or enable you to call, text, or email them from here.

The next thing the edge can do is display information while the screen is off, such as missed notifications, or news and weather.

Lastly, the “edge” can display the time while the screen is off, and if the phone is face-down, the edge can glow a certain color to notify you of a missed call or message.

Other than that, the edge only acts as a display of technological prowess. And, it certainly looks cool, and is bound to draw attention.

If any of those things are enough to get you the S6 Edge, then more power to you. If you’re still on the fence, consider the following thoughts…

[blockquote author=””]The point I’m trying to make here is the S6 Edge doesn’t offer much in the way of unique functionality, but more in unique look and feel.[/blockquote]

[df-subtitle]Galaxy S6: same experience, lower price[/df-subtitle]

Unless you think those features will contribute to a life-changing smartphone experience, than the S6 Edge is probably not for you. The regular S6 is going to give you the same overall software experience, but without any chance for an odd experience.

galaxy_s6_wideBased on some things I have read, the edge can sometimes make typing difficult if you don’t use Swype. The keyboard actually goes off the edge, so some keys are difficult to press. This also can make viewing weird, as an image or video might go off the edge.

Also, the ability to swipe and bring up your favorite contacts isn’t a functionality unique to the edge. You can install a widget or app that does the same thing, just not on a curved screen. Also, the ability to view news and weather would be an odd way to consume this information, as you might as well turn on the screen at that point to look at the info.

Another thing to consider is the S6 Edge is $100 more expensive than the S6. Considering the S6 is already at a flagship price, that is a lot of money to drop for a couple of features than can be achieved without an “edge”.

Furthermore, having the “edge” gives more room for you to drop the phone and crack the screen. Goodbye, $100.

[df-subtitle]In the end, you should try both[/df-subtitle]

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you. The best way to truly know which you think you’ll like better is to go to your carrier’s local store and hold both in your hands. The point I’m trying to make here is the S6 Edge doesn’t offer much in the way of unique functionality, but more in unique look and feel.

Which would you choose if you had to?

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  1. #HeyAG. Currently, I am using SG-Note3 (SM-N9005). I am planning to change my device to SG-S6Edge.
    Please, advise me with pros and cons of buying SM-S6Edge. Also, there are a lot of articles circling around web regarding the issues arising in SM-S6Edge. Please, shed some light.

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