I hope you enjoyed the first series in the World of Wallpapers Reboot! I know I enjoyed putting it together for you guys. Get ready for round two. We will feature two more apps and one more artist. Same set up as the last one. One Behang extension from last week, one stand alone and a lovely artist from Google Plus.


Infinite Walls by Simon Tucker

Infinite Walls Banner 700p

This app is a real beauty. Behang extension support as well as its own stand alone app. This means that if you have Behang, then you can use Behang to access the quality walls created by Simon Tucker and hide the launcher icon of the Infinite Walls app. You can also go the other way. The stand alone app allows you to access all of the same wall without the need of Behang. This means that you do not require to shell out the $1 for Behang. The quality walls previously mentioned are crafted by Simon. The walls are grouped into 12 different styles that are each unique. All of his walls are simple yet powerful and can really help to bring your homescreeen together. $1.39 will get you this Behang extension with the stand alone app. The walls are stored in a cloud like most wallpaper apps now a days, so more walls are added without the need of pushing an update through the PlayStore. This give the app the possibility of containing an Infinite number of walls just as the name would suggest. Currently, the app includes over 250 walls for your pleasure. All walls will be downloaded as 3400×2560 so that they will look just as amazing on those lucky LG G3 users and the QHD screen. Simon Tucker can be found on Google Plus.

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Tapet is something new for those who don’t want to spend the time finding the perfect wall. It randomly generates walls based mathematical formulas to produce unique walls every time.  Every generated wall is different from the last and it is highly unlikely that the same wall will ever be generated twice! The walls are created specific to your devices resolution so that the walls are the highest quality possible for your device. These walls are recreated hourly or daily based depending on how you set it in the in-app settings. It is important to note that this isn’t a live wallpaper, so there will be no extensive CPU usage or battery drain. There is no cloud usage, everything is handled within the app on your device. They are created on your device for your device. There are no download waits. Everything is instantly (almost) generated right on your phone. All of this uniqueness for a price of $0.00! That is right. This app is free on the Play Store. As many different walls as you can desire beautifully crafted just for your device for free!

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Samer Zayer


Samer Zayer is a wallpaper genius. I first encountered him on Google Plus while browsing through various different designer pages. I have loved his walls from the first moment I saw them. It was literally love at first sight. You will not find a single one of my devices without at least ten of his walls downloaded on it. Not only are his walls something to die for, but he also makes amazing icon packs! He is an amazing designer for Android themers like us. He is definitely one to keep an eye on. You can circle him on Google Plus or follow him on Twitter! Also, be sure to check out his Play Store account!

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