Android Market is Official

Although it’s not much of a surprise to Android followers, Google formally announced that their application repository today. Dubbed “Android Market”, it’s exactly what we expected it to be. According to the official Android Developers Blog, it’s “an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices.” Beautiful!

We’ve long been asking for a place for users to get their apps. Having one special place to go to look for, rate, and purchase will help those new to Android and at this point, we all are. It helps those who need something they can trust, especially those who fear the implications of having an “open” handset. This is a welcome announcement to us AndroidGuys. Some of us felt very strongly that unless Google adopted such a place, they could fall way behind Apple and their distribution plans.

For rating the applications, the marketplace is taking a page out of the YouTube book. It’s worked very well so far for the videos, so it seems logical to try it out for their apps. Powered by Google search, it should be a snap to get the programs you’re looking for.

Take a look at some screen shots below as well as on the blog.

For more reading on Android Market vs. App Store, head over to our friends at phandroid!

  • TareX

    Nice concept and I love the “youtube rakings” comparison.

    But I also think it could use some OpenGL ES 2.0 bling and zing…. all the Android menus could use that, in their finished form.

    That is if the wealthy spacious 64MB allow it.

  • Phromik

    I know this was coming, and I think everyone else did (or should have) too. Google is smart, and they know that Android needed something like this to compete with the iPhone, and low and behold, here it is! Can’t wait for the G1 even more now that this is confirmed though 😉

    @ TareX: 64MB is not officially confirmed, and even if that’s the final figure, again, Google knows what it’s doing.

  • se

    TareX: they posted earlier saying that their RAM figures were wrong and it’s really 128 MB.

  • TareX

    Yeah 🙂

    Anyway these Android bags look really good. I’d like to have my Dream/G1 packed into one 🙂

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