Launched on November 5, 2007, AndroidGuys prides itself on providing current and prospective Android owners useful information, analysis, insight, resources, and inspiration. Updated daily, our aim is to educate consumers on all things related to Android smartphones, particularly with an eye toward unlocked devices.

Who we are

We pride ourselves on the culture here and the at-will freelance opportunities. While our staff changes with seasons and calendars, our current team is comprised of the following members.

Scott Webster

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

If badge numbers existed here, Scott would be employee #001. Since the beginning of AndroidGuys Scott has overseen the day-to-day activities and direction of the site.

Matt Adams

Contributing Editor

Currently the second-longest tenured member of the team, Matt provides semi-regular reviews and content. He has also been instrumental in helping foster relationships with PR firms and brands as it pertains to review opportunities.

Jason England

Senior Staff

A valuable and consistent member of the AndroidGuys team, Jason is the go-to staffer when it comes to perspective on audio products and reviews.

Andrew Allen

Senior Staff

For more than three years AndroidGuys has relied on Andrew’s expertise on topics such as home security, wireless earbuds, and app reviews.

Josiah Ward

Contributing Staff

We’ve come to appreciate Josiah’s ability to actively oversee news content as well as his contributions for timeless content.

What we do

Although we respect and admire practically all things Google, we are not unapologetic supporters. In fact, we encourage our readers to share their opinions and give us insight into the very products and services we talk about.

AndroidGuys will occasionally break news, but mostly we compile what we find on other sites and give credit where it’s due. Our main goal is to provide readers with content that is relevant no matter when you buy a device, or what that product is. To that end, tips, tools, and other educational articles are our bread and butter.

Our typical coverage is centered around buyer’s guides, product reviews, app reviews, and other timeless content.

Affiliate linking

AndroidGuys employs a service that automatically checks outbound links to determine if it has an affiliate program. If it is found to, the service modifies the original link to use the best available program.

Any revenue generated by the affiliate program is then used to support the site, hosting, staff, and other items. Because of this, we aim to lessen our dependency on traditional ad models for websites. The links generated should always come from reputable destinations; these are outbound links we’d normally insert into our posts.

Our writers, by and large, do not know which sites or links are tied to an affiliate. In many cases, these are from retailers and brands we would share as part of our normal business dealings. Examples may include AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Verizon.

Promoted content

On occasion you will find content that is not written by the AndroidGuys team. These sponsored or promoted posts are vetted by the editorial team.

Our editors collect and curate this content under the category of Promoted News. These are separate from our standard news and content and should not be construed as endorsements.

As for sponsored reviews, our team is instructed to review and score everything objectively. In the case of a sponsored review we make every effort to shield this from the reviewing staff member prior to commencing. This is designed to help keep the integrity of the site and not favorably skew in a positive direction.

It is our hope that, aside from a written disclosure, you cannot discern a sponsored app review from a general one done any other day of the week.

If you see something that’s questionable, please do bring it to our attention. It is not our intent, nor is it in our interest, to be shady or behave in an unprofessional manner.


Our team routinely published content under the “Deals” category. These are as part of an agreement with StackCommerce and as such, provide AndroidGuys with an opportunity to receive a small commission from generated sales.

Product Review Policy

Select products reviewed by our team are supplied by the manufacture for purposes of a fair and honest review. We write and score our reviews independently of any kind of monetary or product compensation.

Our staff is directed to spell out the details as to where products come from. We only publish reviews that we deem interesting to our audience or that will be viewed at least semi-favorably. We’ve had our share of poorly designed products, apps, and services cross our desk, but when that happens, we provide the feedback privately and in a constructive manner.

It is for this reason that you won’t often see reviews here which appear to be highly unfavorable. We don’t want to waste your time and/or embarrass a brand in the process.

If you have questions about our reviews or feel that we were at all unfair, we encourage you to leave a comment so we may engage you in discussion about it.